Swedism: School Teacher Fired for Opposing Mass Immigration

Daily Stormer
March 18, 2014

He's against the gang-raping Muslim hordes and wants to violate their right of free movement and unlimited welfare!  Get him!
He’s against the gang-raping Muslim hordes and wants to violate their right of free movement and unlimited welfare! Get him!

Students in Sweden have risen up against a teacher who was supportive of the anti-immigration Swedish Democrat Party and had him fired from the school.

The school’s authorities themselves were, of course, very quick to hear the concerns of the immigrant hordes and brainwashed self-hating Swedes enrolled at the school.

Because if your personal value system does not conform to that of the establishment, you will starve.

From the Local:

“Students quickly made us aware that they had misgivings about his suitability,” Internationella Engelska Skolan, located on Södermalm in Stockholm, said in an official statement on its website on Monday.

“We had a thoughtful and eloquent communication from students detailing that they would not feel safe if this subsitute were to start teaching with us,” school spokesman Jonathan Howell told The Local.

“Of course we take student views very seriously and it is important that our students feel safe and secure at school.”

The Nyheter24 newspaper spoke to the student who first alerted her classmates to the new teacher’s political affiliation by tweeting about her outrage.

“We’re an international school with big diversity in terms of ethnicity, culture, and religion where we all respect each other,” student Julia Cagan told Nyheter 24. “Therefore I took for granted that something like this would never happen in our school”.

The teacher in question, Anton Stigermark, said he was surprised by the decision to let him go.

He was brought in through a temping agency, the school was quick to point out. His party affiliation is no secret.

On his own Twitter profile, Stigermark said he was studying international relations at Stockholm University, and said he liked right-wing ideas and the beauty ideals of the antiquity. Up top, however, he flags his role on the cultural affairs committee of the Sweden Democrat youth wing, SDU. At a recent meeting, he proposed that the EU flag be removed, according to a party colleague.

“Anton Stigermark proposes that the EU flag be removed from the room, which is voted through and executed to everyone’s applause. Very good! ”  

The girl who initiated the student revolt said she believed that would-be teachers with “undemocratic views” should be barred entry to the profession. The school, meanwhile, issued a statement to say that it did not generally probe its potential new staff members about their political views.

“It is not standard practice to question the politics of staff during the recruitment process,” the school wrote in its official statement.

School administrators nonetheless passed

he students’ concerns – expressed in writing and signed by Cagan and a handful of other students – on to the staffing agency and the teacher will no longer teach at the school.

SDU on Monday officially objected to the school’s decision.

“I think it’s deplorable and worrying from a democratic view point,” SDU chairman Gustav Kasselstrand told The Local. “It’s been very clear that Anton did not mix politics in his teaching.”

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