Syria is Rebuilding and It is Quite Inspiring

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2019

Syria is probably going to be the best country on earth.

It only has good people left in it.

All of the bad people are in Germany and Sweden now.

And Germany and Sweden are happy to have them, because those are countries that love gang rape and terrorism.


Syria’s ancient city of Aleppo was filled with bustling markets and historical buildings before it was engulfed in the devastating conflict. Now, before and after photos show progress in rebuilding its war-torn sites.

The reconstruction challenge is stark: In December 2018, the UN cultural agency UNESCO said 10 percent of Aleppo’s historical buildings had been destroyed, and as much as 60 percent of the Old City, a World Heritage Site, was severely damaged.

After Damascus regained control over the whole city in 2016, some restoration work began – however, significant progress has been hindered from outside. While allies like Russia, Iran, and China have made investments in the country, reconstruction efforts have been complicated by sanctions imposed on President Bashar Assad’s government by Western countries.

Some locals finally began to enjoy the fruits of their labor by the end of March, when an Armenian church, Forty Martyrs Cathedral, hosted its first mass. Restoration work on the 14th century church began more than a year prior to bring it back to its former glory after it was damaged in April 2015 during shelling.

Major progress can also be claimed by those involved in the effort to return the city’s incredible historical markets to their former glory.

It’s quite happy, I think.

Nice to see good things happening in the world.

Of course, nothing good will ever happen to us.

Except that I heard that Donald Trump is going to punish the French for taxing Google.

That is a real win for freedom.

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