Syrian Professor: Cologne Sex Attacks were Intended to Humiliate German Men

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2016


Bassam Tibi knows what’s going on.

The same thing I’ve been saying since January with regards to the Cologne attacks. This was about showing dominance over the German people.

It is the same with the Rotherham Pakis and their 12-year-old White sex slaves. This is an agenda of conquest, and sexual violence is a means of accomplishing this conquest.


A Syrian professor has asserted that Arab migrants see “slut” German women as fair game for assault and warned that the country is set to see “big social conflicts” as a result of Angela Merkel and EU open border policies.

Prof. Bassam Tibi said that the mass sex attacks in Cologne were a result of the migrants’ “value system”: furious at not being given a luxury lifestyle, they intended to “humiliate” Germans.

The professor, who now lives in Germany, said that Arab men come expecting “great apartments, blonde women and the welfare state”.

Pointing out that two-bedroom apartments are a luxury in Cairo, the professor noted that he knows 16-year-old migrants, each with two-bedroom apartments to themselves at the expense of German tax payers. These boys remain dissatisfied however, as they had hoped for cars too.

Interviewed by Basler Zeitung, Professor Tibi said that migrants were expecting to be given a luxury lifestyle, one comparable to portrayals of rich Europeans shown in the Arab media. He predicted that migrant disappointment with their standard of living is likely to cause the country problems in the future.

Think even of the grateful Syrians who took the famous selfies with Merkel. [One of them] was on TV a few weeks ago and declared that he was now very disappointed with her. He wants a job, a secure income and an apartment. We will see big social conflicts,” the professor warned.

Asked how he could be sure of this, Professor Tibi stated that as well as the fact the state cannot meet their high expectations, the migrants have a “value system that is incompatible with modernity”.

The professor revealed that Arabs believe themselves to be honourable and that Germans are not, as German women are allowed to “sleep with everyone”.

Professor Tibi pointed to a number of factors that he believes led to the mass sex attacks in Cologne. He said migrants knew their behaviour was criminal but that they think “German women are sluts”, and felt they would face no punishment.

Yeah, they were right about that.

None of the attackers faced any punishment. Even the five that were arrested were spared jail time by the slut courts of slut Germany.

The decorated academic said that police’s “fear of the racist accusation” is greater than their fear of the decline of public order. This, he contends, leads migrants to view German police as “wimps”.

Professor Tibi argued that sexual assaults on German women are driven by vengeance for not being given nice cars and flats. He also pointed to Syrian culture as playing a part.

The “Islamology” founder disclosed: “Rape of women is a weapon of war in Syria. All warring parties do that. The refugees who come here, come from this culture and not all are victims.

“If such men do not get what they expect, they are angry. In the culture I come from, you want to humiliate people who make a mad.

“In the Orient, to humiliate a man, one rapes his wife. My guess is that these young Muslim men wanted in Cologne to humiliate the women, and behind this humiliation is the humiliation of the German man. The woman is an instrument for it.”



Humiliating your women is a way to show dominance over you. This isn’t just Arab culture. It is a universal, primitive tribal ethos.

Part of why it takes an Arab to say this is that he can get away with it, without fear of being fired or arrested. But part of it is also that Germans genuinely don’t understand what is happening to them.

These people are conquering Germany. The whole world can see it happening, and understand what is going on. But Germans just keep making excuses for their abusers, literally portraying the abusers as the abused in a bizarro world nightmare paradigm.