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Why are Muzzies Even Here to Begin with?

Incogman March 3, 2015 Now a lot of complete morons out there somehow think that just because I can’t stand the Jew and stinking little Israel, that I’m a big fat Muzzie lover. Let me set the record straight: I can’t stand these dirty Muslims in our lands one GD bit. Sure, I don’t have anything against them living in dune coon land, eating goat eyeballs ...

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Moslems in Europe: Crime and Genetics

Andrew Joyce Occidental Observer February 23, 2015 Another day, another Muslim-perpetrated shooting in Europe. And despite the gunman having the rather un-European name of Omar El-Hussein, the incident has provided yet more opportunities for redundant warnings against ‘European’ anti-Semitism. These killings, like those in Paris, disturb and irritate me for a number of reasons. Firstly, and most obviously, I am ...

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Nigel Farage on France Attacks

Daily Stormer January 10, 2015 Nigel Farage appeared on Fox News to discuss the terror crisis in France as it was still unfolding 40 or so hours ago. These attacks definitely give the right in Europe a grand opportunity to kick it up a notch. The quality of their character will be evident in whether or not they take this ...

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