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On Contemporary Opera and Wagnerโ€™s โ€˜Jewry in Musicโ€™

Andrew Joyce Occidental Observer September 27, 2015 This month marks the 165th anniversary of the publication of Richard Wagnerโ€™s landmark essay โ€˜Das Judenthum in der Musik.โ€™ Almost right on cue the opera scene, particularly in Berlin, has recently played host to a series of episodes that would have the Old Sorcerer spinning in his grave. Back in June Kirill Petrenko, ...

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German “Neo-Nazi” Band Chased Out of the Netherlands

Linda Housman Daily Stormer March 24, 2015 A Saturday night tweet to a journalist led to a 112 call (the Dutch equivalent to a 911 call). Soon after the criminals were located and their equipment was seized by the police, which saved the Netherlands from the disaster of perhaps not even two hours of some local noise. Last week the ...

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Madonna Song Proves Yet Again That Jews Invoke the Illuminati in Pop Culture to Misdirect People from Jewish Power

Lee Rogers Daily Slave December 26, 2014 Undoubtedly most seekers of truth have come across the Illuminati conspiracy for world domination in their research. ย Even though the Illuminati was a real historical group and there is some evidence to suggest that it secretly survived as a subversive entity into the 20th century, there is no concrete evidence proving that it ...

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