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“Doonesbury” Cartoonist Lectures Dead Charlie Hebdo Artists on Their Privilege

Steve Sailer VDARE April 19, 2015 From Ross Douthat’s column in the NYT: Checking Charlie Hebdo’s Privilege APRIL 18, 2015 A LIVING cartoonist lecturing his murdered peers makes for a curious spectacle, but that’s what transpired at journalism’s George Polk Awards a week ago. The lecturer was Garry Trudeau, of “Doonesbury” fame; his subject was the cartoonists for Charlie Hebdo, ...

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Nigel Farage on France Attacks

Daily Stormer January 10, 2015 Nigel Farage appeared on Fox News to discuss the terror crisis in France as it was still unfolding 40 or so hours ago. These attacks definitely give the right in Europe a grand opportunity to kick it up a notch. The quality of their character will be evident in whether or not they take this ...

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