Talented Actress and Stunning Woman Amy Schumer has a New Movie Coming Out

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 9, 2018

Take a look at this trailer.

Women are delusional on many levels. From what I can tell from this trailer, our Hebrew friend Amy plays your typical, annoying fat broad who suddenly gets brain damage and starts thinking she’s hot.

There are many problems with this scenario already.

Most fat women in the West already think they’re hot because they get so much attention from desperate betas and non-White men. A fatty like Amy just needs to wait for closing time at the local sports bar to get an above average man to make a pass at her. That’s just how it is.

Another problem is how she assumes that once she has confidence, people start looking at her differently. Based on the trailer, she starts getting attention from a soy boy when she starts asserting herself. Actually that part is accurate. You often see fat, commandeering women with pushover beta boyfriends.

They will all end up with frumpy, used up girlfriends

Well done, Amy.

I get that this is a comedy, but frankly it’s a sick comedy.

It lets fat girls feel better about themselves because they find their fat avatar in the lead, and they feel better about themselves. They giggle and say, “the struggle is real” in their fat girl voice. It’s catharsis for them, when really they need to struggle and suffer a bit to lose some pounds instead.

Obesity among White women is leading to an epidemic in mudsharking that is rarely mentioned.

Most straight White men are not attracted to land-whales, only non-Whites are.

So all this is doing is increasing the eligible pool of women for blacks and browns to date and decreasing the eligible pool for Whites.

Movies like this need to be banned. But barring that, ridiculed and mocked into oblivion.