Tales from India: Cosmic Countries and Vegetarian Rapes!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2019

Charlie Kirk and most other people in the “conservative movement” are telling us that they don’t want to flood us with millions upon millions of Mexicans and Moslems, and instead want to flood us with millions upon millions of Indians.

To excuse this agenda, they will cite the fact that these people are nearly as rich as the Jews.

They claim that “America is not a country, it is an idea,” and though they aren’t really very specific on what that idea is, it appears to be that the idea is “this is a marketplace where people come to make money.”

That doesn’t seem like a very good idea to replace a country with. I just wanted to live in a country, have a family, work a satisfying job, go to church and live to spend time with my grandkids. I never wanted to be involved in some weird experimental “idea nation.” And I’m not sure when this was voted on, but I would have voted against it, had I been given the opportunity.

But at least the “conservatives” are consistent. The Indians do make money.

I think that because we are being replaced with these people, we should study them, and see how this will transform America. Obviously, no one can argue that when we replace our population with Indians, our country will not become more Indian.

So what will this look like, we ask.

And thus we have the first installment of “Tales From India,” in which we look at various tales from the culture that Charlie Kirk, National Review and Ben Shapiro intend to make the defining culture of America.

I will give it to them: Indians do seem to understand the concept of a “nation of ideas,” as our first story today illustrates.


An Indian guru facing rape and sexual abuse charges made headlines Wednesday after he emerged from hiding and announced the birth of a new cosmic country with its own cabinet and golden passports.

Swami Nithyananda, a controversial self-styled godman with thousands of followers in southern India’s Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states, posted a video on his YouTube channel announcing the special project to his followers.

41-year-old Nithyananda announced that his country is called Kailaasa, and is the biggest Hindu nation without boundaries.

“The Hindu nation exists in cosmos,” he said in the now-viral video.

Local media reports cited a website allegedly created by the guru with details about his plans for Kailaasa, even as the police and other authorities investigating him for various criminal charges continue to remain clueless about his whereabouts.

The website shares details of different government departments and agencies in his make-believe country, including homeland security, commerce, treasury, housing, technology and one for enlightened civilisation.

It also gives Kailaasa its own triangular flag and an emblem with Indian Tamil, Sanskrit and English as its main languages.

Though not convicted, Nithyananda first made national headlines in 2010 after he was arrested and jailed for 53 days over a sex scandal involving him and a regional actress.

Subsequently, some other women also accused him of abusing them at his religious retreat in Karnataka.

Last month, a case was registered against him in the western Indian state Gujarat on charges of wrongful confinement of children.

Indian media reports said that police believe he fled the country during the investigation.

“So far what we know is that he is not in the Ashram (his retreat) here for almost a year,” a police officer told the Press Trust of India.

“This is one of the 10 to 15 Ashrams he has nationwide. His main areas of operation are Tamil Nadu and Gujarat,” he added.

Nithyananda is one of several Indian gurus who’ve faced charges ranging from murders, sexual assaults, rapes and financial frauds over the last few years.

Okay, well, I have to admit – this guy sounds pretty based.

I’m not really sure I can argue that this cosmic country idea would be better than the idea of GDP.

Swami Nithyananda even got white people involved in this cosmic sex cult he created.

I dunno, that chick might be part Indian, but her name is “Sarah Stephanie Landry.” She’s from Canada.

She says the magical rituals of Swami Nithyananda are not actually real.

But whether it’s real or not, it’s still better than what we have now.

So I guess this tale from India is a check mark in favor of Charlie Kirk’s plan, because Charlie Kirk wants to replace our nation and culture with this sort of thing.

I mean, this looks like a pretty fun time to me.

Let us rate the quality of the next story of the culture we will soon be overtaken by, according to Kirkians.

The gang rape and murder of vegetarians.

Fox News:

Indian police are being declared heroes Friday after they shot and killed four men suspected of raping and killing a young woman in southern India just a week earlier.

Last Thursday, the remains of a 27-year-old veterinarian were discovered by a passerby at an underpass in the town of Shadnager, near Hyderabad, after she left her scooter at a toll booth for a medical visit the night before.

Wait wait wait.

Are we talking about a vegetarian or a veterinarian?

The four men — between the ages of 20 and 26 — allegedly deflated her scooter and took her to a truck yard to repair it. Soon after, they assaulted and suffocated the woman before burning her body, according to Sky News.

The outlet reported the men had been taken into custody and escorted to the murder scene early on Friday for a crime reconstruction where they attempted to steal the guns of local police.

The men died in “crossfire” with police after trying to take the weapons, police said.


“While the reconstruction and investigations were on, one of the accused signaled to the others and tried to escape,” senior officer Prakash Reddy told the outlet. “They then tried to snatch weapons from the guard and fired on the police. They were killed in the crossfire.”

The officers who shot the men were hailed as heroes. They were showered with rose petals by residents in the streets of Hyderabad on Friday to celebrate what many believed was justice for the crimes.

The case had caused a national uproar in India, with one member of government calling for a public lynching of the accused. People poured into the streets — with firecrackers exploding throughout the city and traffic being halted to a standstill, according to the New York Times

“The law has done its duty,” V.C. Sajjanar, a top police official told the outlet.

This is kinda fun.

I enjoy a good lynching.

And since it appears that it was a veterinarian that was raped and murdered and not a vegetarian, I guess the suspects deserved it.

Lynching criminals before trial is objectively better than the current “criminal justice reform” plans to just let criminals out of prison even after they’re convicted.

So I guess this tale from India is yet another mark in favor of the Charlie Kirk “Indian replacement” agenda.

After these two tales, I’m actually looking forward to our population being completely cleansed and replaced with Indians.

Godspeed, Charlie.

May your dreams manifest sooner rather than later.