Tarantino Says Cops are White Supremacists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 5, 2015

On the back of shocking claims by internet ddosing squad Anonymous that the entire government is run by KKK members who live in a trailer park, Quentin Tarantino has come out and said that the cops are part of a White supremacist conspiracy.

Even though the names of government officials involved in the KKK that Anonymous


Director Quentin Tarantino defended his comments that have triggered boycotts from police unions, and argued police brutality “ultimately what I feel is a problem of white supremacy in this country” on Wednesday’s “All In with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC.

Tarantino explained his statement that triggered the boycott by saying, “Well, we were at a rally that was dealing with unarmed people, mostly black and brown, who have been shot and killed, or beaten, or strangled by the police, and I was obviously referring to the people in those type of situations. I was referring to Eric Garner. I was referring to Sam DuBose. I was referring to Antonio [Lopez Guzman]. I was referring to Tamir Rice. That’s what I was referring to.”

Good job not mentioning Trayvon or Michael Brown. No one else has yet managed to leave the completely proven hoaxes out. Even Hillary keeps listing these attackers as victims.

He added, “in those cases in particular that we’re talking about, I actually do believe that they were murder. Now, in the case of Walter Scott, who was the man running in the park and was shot in the back, and the case of Sam DuBose, I believe those were murder, and they were deemed murder. And the reason — and the only reason they were deemed murder is because the incidences were caught on video. However, if they had not been caught on video, they — the murderers would have gotten away with their murder. In the case of Eric Garner, and the case of that Tamir Rice, I believe that those were murders, but they were exonerated.”

When asked about the “vitriol” with which his comments were received, Tarantino answered, “Yeah. I was surprised. I was under the impression I was an american and that I had 1st Amendment rights, and there was no problem with me going to an anti-police brutality protest, and speaking my mind, and just because I was at an anti-police brutality protest doesn’t mean I’m anti-police. And basically, there was a lot of people at that rally, and we were all crying for — we were crying for a lot of things, but there was one thing in particular, which was, stop shooting unarmed people. We want justice, but stop shooting unarmed people, but they don’t want to deal with that. They would rather start arguments with celebrities than examine the concerns put before them by a citizenry that has lost trust in them.”

The fact that he refers to “unarmed people” in reference to a confrontation with a police officer shows that he is against all police. As we’ve said many times, there is no type of confrontation in which one person is armed that the other cannot very quickly become armed. Police have, since the invention of guns, entered confrontations with initially unarmed men and gotten shot with their own gun.

Also, Tamir Rice was armed.

We may wish to consider... whether or not we should be looking to this man for moral guidance.
We may wish to consider… whether or not we should be looking to this man for moral guidance.

Tarantino also acted like some powerful force was trying to shut him down, even while the entire federal government is run by people who believe exactly as he does and the only people opposing him are local law enforcement, in particular those that work on the streets and have to deal with these Blacks.

Tarantino should go live in Africa.

They might end up eating him though – especially if he tries this bit on them.