Tattoo Rapist Violates Future Doctoress/Lawyeress with Money, Love; Sentenced to Death by Henpecking

Octavio Rivera
Daily Stormer
August 21, 2018

Modern men have been so thoroughly abused by vicious, gold-digging divorce whores, they are now literally going to third world countries just to find women whose ability to bond has not been numbed out by years of the cock carousel.

Who wouldn’t want the nectar of this lucious spring flower?

Miami Herald:

Between sex trips to the Dominican Republic, Theodore Symonds used Facebook messages to request nude photos from the girls involved. He even got their names tattooed on him as they did his name on them.

One girl turned 16 during Symonds’ 10 months of abusing her. The other was 13 when Symonds was abusing her. Symonds was 49. He was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison Thursday.

As you can undoubtedly see, this is literally rape.

Gender studies researchers have determined that tattooing your rapist’s name on your body is a classic sign of trauma and internalized misogyny.

In fact, if a woman gets a man’s name tattooed on her body, that itself is definitive evidence of rape, which should be conclusive by itself in a court of law.

If you ask me, seventeen years in federal prison is not enough. This depraved sociopath should be sentenced to death by hen-pecking.

“On February 26 (2016), (Symonds) asked for a photograph, and when Minor A sent one of herself in the bathroom with a towel draped around her, (Symonds) stated: What the,he’ll is,thatjajajaja no,twya (translation: “What the hell is that, haha, no towel.’‘),” Symonds’ admission states. “Minor Victim A then sent a nude photograph of herself without the towel.”

Oh. My. GAWD.

A nude photo.

What is INTERPOL doing to stop these heinous crimes?

Symonds used Western Union, MoneyGram and the girl’s family to send money to her.

Literally raping her with gifts of money.

I can’t even.

He did the same with the other girl. In December 2016, two months after Symonds stopped traveling to abuse the 15-year-old, he began doing it to rape the 13-year-old. Facebook messages, especially this one from Feb. 27, 2017, demonstrate he knew exactly how old the child was.

“Su hermosa baby 13 y su mi f—— mujer (translation: You are beautiful, baby, 13 and you are my f—— woman).’‘

What kind of a sick monster would tell a fertile, interested young woman that she was “beautiful” and “his woman”?

I mean, let’s be real, guys.

If you tell a woman she’s your woman – at any age – that’s literally sexual slavery. 

Patriachy in action.

A week later, Symonds Facebook messaged a request for a photo of the 13-year-old’s breasts and genitals.

The last thing on Symonds’ admission of facts states, “(Symonds) has tattoos of the names of Minor Victim 1 and Minor Victim A. Both Minor Victim 1 and Minor Victim A have tattoos with (Symonds’) name on them.”

Can you imagine the beautiful future that this evil man tried to steal from this young woman?

He was literally trying to disempower her and turn her into yet another slave of the hetero-cis-patriarchy.

This isn’t for the weak of stomach – but imagine, if the brave women and men of the federal government hadn’t put this sick man in federal prison for seventeen years, he could have even, eventually, brought this poor, innocent victim to the United States and forced her to actually have babies (gross!) at an age when she should have been studying to become the doctoress or lawyeress that the Dominican Republic desperately needs.

How dare he, a mature adult male with a stable income, attempt to deny her the beautiful experience of losing her virginity to a skinny, acne-marked, pencil-necked high schooler?

Every young woman has the right to be deflowered by a teenage dweeb with condoms he bought with money he stole from his mother’s purse, and then dumped an average of six weeks later, and then go to University. No young woman could possibly want a physically, mentally, spiritually mature man with his own money, knowledge and experience, when she could have teenage boyfriends and higher education.

That is why this is obviously rape, which is wrong, and illegal.

If predators like this manage to stop breeding age women from studying to be doctoresses and lawyeresses, The Dominican Republic will not survive.

What kind of a sick monster would be attracted to a female member of his own species when she is at her peak reproductive value, or attempt to bond with one as she’s about to peak?

Literally, how much of a sick loser do you have to be to begin courting a girl immediately before her peak fertility?

Does this sexist pig think that women are just baby-making machines? Doesn’t he know about overpopulation, global warming and climate change?

Was he just scared of a mature, independent doctoress/lawyeress woman who would make more money than him in the affirmative action job that she deserves?

I guess he was just too insecure to have sex with a woman who was truly his equal, and could divorce him at any moment.

Talk about male fragility.

Thankfully, Feminism has given us age of consent laws, to protect us from this predatory behavior.

This is what you’re allowed to have, guys.

And remember – if you get out of line, you go to jail.

Then you cis-sexist scum will finally get a taste of your own rapist ways.


The guy never actually had sex with these girls, and there is no proof that he actually was planning to. The sentence is based on internet messages and the tattoos.

Also, this is the guy: