Tax the Shit Out of Them! Austria to Punish Big Tech Companies!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019

It is baffling that the Big Tech companies are able to get away with wielding as much influence as they do.

Imagine if the oil companies were actually as evil and omnipotent as the Left likes to present them as. They couldn’t come close to the influence that Big Tech wields. Elections can be made or lost with Google putting its thumb on the scales for one side or another.

Everyone in politics is afraid to go after the companies because, presumably, they’re afraid of their nude pics getting leaked out as revenge.

One man, however, seems to be comfortable enough with his sexting game to no longer be bullied around.


Austria will introduce a tax of 3 percent of the online profits of internet giants, defined as companies with sales of more than €750 million ($865 million) a year, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Thursday. 

That cute pouting slam piggy to his right tells me more about Kurz than hours of reading policy papers and scrutinizing his stance on various issues ever could.

Kurz clearly has killer sexting game and ain’t afraid of the world knowin’.

Come to think of it – in the near future, the only politicians capable of mounting an effective resistance to globo-homo will either have to be drawn from the Amish community or know how to handle fat chicks online demanding dick pics.

Everyone else will have kompromat on them and be Big Tech’s bitches. 

Also, now that I think about it – and using the criteria I settled on above –  male porn stars with no shame will soon have a clear shot at the presidency (for lack of any competitors.)


I wrote that out as a joke a few seconds ago, but I’ve legit half-convinced myself that Big Tech is going to usher in an era of porn star politicians and there’s nothing we can do about it unless we start taxing them now.

We better get on this.