Ted Cruz Nemesis Beto O’Rourke Allegedly Tried to Flee the Scene of His DUI

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2018

I never thought I would be defending Ted Cruz. But I also never thought that I would have to.

But the media is telling me that the Texas Senate race is really close, and I don’t care who Ted Cruz is, what kind of twisted thoughts are swirling in his sick mind at any given time, he’s a Republican and so he must win in November.

Witnesses to nemesis Beto O’Rourke’s DUI crash said that he tried to flee the scene.

The AP reported on the release of documents on this event earlier this month:

Police documents from a decades-old drunken-driving arrest of Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke reveal previously unreported details about an incident that the congressman has long acknowledged.

The Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News recently obtained copies of state and local police reports pertaining to the arrest. They show O’Rourke was found intoxicated after losing control of his vehicle on Interstate 10 and hitting a truck. Nobody was hurt in the accident in Anthony, Texas, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) from El Paso. A witness told police that O’Rourke tried to drive away, but the witness stopped him until officers arrived, the documents show.

O’Rourke had just turned 26. He did a court-ordered diversion program and a drunken-driving charge was dismissed.

He has talked about the arrest while campaigning to unseat Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. In a recent op-ed , he described the incident as a “serious mistake for which there is no excuse.” He has not addressed the witness account of his alleged attempt to flee.

This week, he finally responded and just said “no I didn’t.”

This is not something that I would normally give a shit about in most situations. It was a long time ago, and shit happens.

But look – we are breaking down the entire government because the SCOTUS nominee is alleged by lying sluts to have done normal teenage sexual behavior over 3 decades ago. That is where we are at. So in that climate, a DUI crash in your twenties should be disqualifying. And attempting to flee makes it that much worse.

Certainly, no one has ever died from an uncomfortable teenage makeout session or a dick being pulled out. Furthermore, there is no evidence of either of those claims, just lying sluts.

But this guy is allowed to drive around drunk, crashing into trucks, potentially trying to flee the scene?

Why is this not being hit harder by the Republicans?

Instead, Ted Cruz is being chased out of restaurants simply for saying he doesn’t believe the Kavanaugh accusations – he isn’t supporting them, he is saying he doesn’t believe them.

Texas bros, I know we hit Ted hard.

But you have to get out there and vote for him.

You have to.

And you have to get your friends out there.

Get them registered, and drive them to the polls on election day. Even if they have their own cars, take the day off and just tell them a time that you are going to pick them up. Bus different groups of friends and family members back and forth to the polls all day long (and don’t forget to get your own vote in!)

We don’t have any choice here. This is the most important midterm in human history, and every vote for any Republican in any race is a vote for Donald Trump and the agenda he has put forth to us.

Also, why is this man’s name “Beto”?

His name is “Robert Francis.”

How does that translate?

It’s deranged.