Teenagers are Abandoning Jew Facebook – Probably Reading the Stormer Instead

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2017

You done goofed, Mark. The youth belongs to us.

I can’t think of anything less cool than Facebook. It’s literally an FBI/NSA spying service where your aunt and elementary school teachers exchange cat pictures and get brainwashed by normie news stories.


So it’s no surprise that teens are migrating away from the platform and heading to greener platforms.

Platforms… such as the Daily Stormer. Wink wink.

The Week:

Facebook is falling behind in the youth movement. New data shows the social media giant is losing its appeal with teenagers in the U.S., specifically to the photo-sharing app Snapchat.

Even Snapchat’s dominance is sure to erode after the recent #StreakGate fiasco.

Let me ask you this: did the Daily Stormer ever ruin your streaks? Did it ever sell your information to Nigerian scammers? No.

Take notes, Jews.

A new study by the research firm eMarketer found that in 2017 alone, Facebook lost 1.4 million users between the ages of 12 to 17 — a roughly 10 percent drop for that demographic, Recode notes. The fall was even worse than what eMarketer had predicted, having anticipated just a 3.4 percent drop in users aged 12 to 17, Recode reports — and even that modest downturn was the first time eMarketer had ever projected declining user rates for Facebook across any age group.

Most observers agree that there are two factors that are largely responsible for Facebook’s teenage exodus: the loss of the ever-important “cool” factor, and teenagers’ preference for Snapchat. Facebook’s “cool” — or lack thereof — is widely attributed to its appeal among older generations. What growth Facebook is seeing is among older users rather than younger ones, CNBC reported — a “predicament” for the social app, eMarketer’s Debra Aho Williamson told CNBC.

In re-purposing Facebook as a propaganda-delivery platform targeted at boomers and millennial soyboys, the Jews have sucked the “cool-factor” right out of it.

Not to mention their terrible marketing.

If Facebook really wants to be cool with kids again, they need to fund a second season for Sam Hyde’s “World Peace” and stream it on their video service.

But as it stands, Facebook (along with Twitter) is known as a boring platform where you can’t say anything remotely edgy or risk getting banned randomly.

So it’s about as exciting as going to a party hosted by the school’s hall monitor.

By comparison, Snapchat is thriving. Even after it rolled out a widely panned redesign, Snapchat expects to add 1.9 million users under the age of 25 in 2018. Meanwhile, Facebook could lose 2 million in that same demographic, CNBC reports.

These people are out of their minds if they think we’re going to put up with Snapchat ending our streaks. They’ve scarred a generation for life.

But Facebook completely losing the younger generation is definitely a good sign; it means the company has an expiry date and will eventually fall into total irrelevance once the boomer generation starts fading away – if not sooner.

We need to have a solid alternative in place that isn’t controlled by Jews, and allows free speech.