Regarding Tennessee White Lives Matter March Tomorrow (And the Drama Surrounding It)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2017

Tomorrow in Tennessee there is a White Lives Matter march.

The official events page is over at Occidental Dissent.

Mike Enoch, Matt Heimbach, Sacco Vandal and several others are scheduled to speak.

I am not endorsing the event, given that the plan was to allow people to bring guns. Ultimately, the guns were banned by the local authorities anyway, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the situation, and am not endorsing any event in the future where I am not invited to be given some overview of the planning of an event and the security measures involved. Partially because Jews are now holding people legally responsible for “planning” events even if all they do is endorse them, but more so because we are in a new world following Charlottesville and I owe it to all of you to have a full understanding of what the plan is for an event before I tell you to go to it.

My friend Christopher Cantwell and several other guys are in jail right now, being threatened with a whole lot of years, over things that could have been avoided.

That said, I am certainly rooting for our team and hoping everything goes over well.

We’ll have a live thread tomorrow with streams and so on.

Optics Debate

This event has prompted an optics debate, which has been raging on social media and forums for the last few days. If you follow this stuff, I’m sure you’ve seen it.

The NSM is there, and they are an actual 80s-style “Neo-Nazi” group.

Ricky Vaughn has been vocal against the idea of bringing Neo-Nazis to such an event when we’ve now got so many eyes on us and need to be shaping up.

I basically agree with Ricky on this. I’m not clear on why Hunter Wallace and Mike Enoch and other Alt-Right people would want to be associated directly with literal “Neo-Nazis,” and I am completely tired of people saying that if you don’t want to engage in goony type street thug stuff that you are a cuck.

Who are these people that are saying that even?

I don’t think the Neo-Nazis themselves use the term “cuck.” They aren’t exactly up on internet meme-speak. You have to understand, this is not some Alt-Right group – it has nothing to do with that. It is something from old 80s-90s WN movements, which currently, certain people are trying to combine with the Alt-Right.

And the thing about that is, if you stage a rally with Neo-Nazis and Alt-Right guys, guess which thing the media covers? Guess which thing people remember?

Also, look – there are only a few of these people. There are thousands of us. How many normal middle class young guys are we turning away by inviting a few 80s Neo-Nazis?

Bottom line: wanting to look sexy and cool has anything to do with how hardcore you are. And I don’t think anyone on earth thinks Neo-Nazis are cool. It is cringy and silly.

I want to make it clear that I’m sure these are good guys, I’m not attacking them. People have told me that Jeff Schoep who leads NSM is a really good guy, and I have no reason to believe that isn’t true. My point is: this is not us – this is not the thing that I have spent the last 5 years of my life working for. I don’t want the NSM to shut down or anything like that – they can keep doing their dress-up thing, that’s fine, that has nothing to do with me. I don’t even blame them for coming to Alt-Right related events – why would they not? They’re being invited.

But take a minute here and ask yourself: after we’ve put all this energy into building this movement online, getting literally millions of people on board with our ideas, do we really want to turn it over to the people in the above pictures and let them decide what to do with it in the real world?

Does that make any sense?

At all?

To anyone?

I’m just going to tell you right now: I am not okay with that. I want the energy that I’ve put into building this movement to be turned into real life action by people who come from this movement – not old school Neo-Nazi groups.

That said, I do think Ricky and the others rampaging about this are overreacting. At least to this specific event. The issue is not the specific event, the issue is a trend in the direction of people who built the Alt-Right online not controlling the direction that the real world incarnation goes in.

I did a series of posts on Gab about this topic you can go read (start here).

I don’t think this event is going to be that big of a deal. And the Neo-Nazis have been having rallies forever. It’s more just an issue of people who are Alt-Right tying themselves to this particular thing. It’s sad to see. It feels like something we worked so hard for is just being thrown away, when we could be doing this differently.

Please note that the actual German National Socialists made a point of being hip and sexy, wearing clothes that were fashionable at the time and using their own established national symbols combined with their own original branding which had no previous associations.

The group that I think comes closest to that right now is the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM).

And when I say “comes closest,” I’m not going to say they look as cool as Nazis, but I will say: they pretty well nailed it.

Let me just post another picture of NSM, so you can do close comparison here.

Just sit for a minute, staring at those two images side by side, and then tell me again that aesthetics is irrelevant.

Everything about these images is different:

  • NRM looks clean cut, tidy and fashionable, while NSM is wearing a strange military uniform, which they have fitted extra baggy.
  • NRM is using a cool, new flag associated with their group, while NSM is using KKK, Nazi and Confederate flags, which all have a long history behind them. The NRM defines itself as something new and forward looking while the NSM defines itself by broken, failed, old memes.
  • NRM guys are all healthy-looking, fit and well-groomed. They look like they care about themselves. They look like they care about what they are doing.

This does matter. It does. It doesn’t matter if you think it matters. It still matters.

Anyone who tells you that those two images will leave the same impression on people’s minds is gaslighting you.

I really and truly genuinely believe that everyone is capable of coming to an agreement on this.

(Note: The American group that comes closest to a genuinely good aesthetic is Identity Europa – especially with the hip new uniform Eli Mosley got together for the Florida gig).

We Need to Be on the Ball Here

I feel bad for Hunter that his entire Twitter feed is filled with people attacking him and calling him a fed while he’s trying to get this event together.

And look – he is basically doing the same thing he’s been doing for a while. I mean, it’s a little bit complicated. He has always done stuff with Matthew Heimbach, and I think it was in 2015, Heimbach took on a much more aggressive Neo-Nazi and KKK position than he had taken previously, aligning with the NSM and some other older groups.

It was featured in a Jorge Ramos documentary. He literally went out in a field and burned wooden Swastikas.

(Heimbach segment timestamped.)

That was a huge drama at the time which I never commented on because I don’t generally comment on drama. Sadly, we’re getting to the point where I’m going to have to say some of this stuff publicly and just give my opinions on the direction that this IRL activism is going.

Because I mean, look: even after the shooting in Florida, this event was planning to allow people to bring guns – ostensibly to deter antifa – before the cops told them they couldn’t.

I’m sorry, but that is simply insane, we are putting lives at risk, we are putting our entire movement at risk.

Because I can promise you: if one single person gets killed with a gun at one of these rallies, they are going to go full-on post-911 crackdown. Please, please read what I wrote when Richard Spencer was planning to attend a rally with guns.

This is not a game, and I am very certain that many people do not understand the severity of what we are dealing with here.

From now on, everything we do should have clear goals and we should be able to explain how those goals will be accomplished by the action.

The whole world is now watching us, and there simply is not room for recklessness and random actions.

Everyone is Acting in Good Faith

That said, the important thing here is to remember that everyone is acting in good faith. We all have the same goal.

And it is not acceptable to go into personal attacks, to suggest someone has ulterior motives, to call people feds and so on. That is completely unacceptable. It has always been my rule, and if we’re going to move forward, that needs to be a rule: if someone engages in personal attacks, they should not be taken seriously. You shouldn’t even bother responding to them. We cannot have that.

It is regrettable that we even have to engage in friendly criticism, especially publicly – but we need to come to some kind of consensus as a movement here about what direction we want to go in, and I am 100% sure that the majority of people from The Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff do not want to go in the direction of goony armed Neo-Nazi street-fighting grievance marches and burning swastikas in fields.

Because there is simply NO WAY that this is ever going to lead to a popular movement or state power. And those are the things we need: we need a popular movement and state power. Those have to be the goals.

This Whole Thing is Confusing to Everyone

I’m going to have to do a series of articles systematically breaking down the situation as it stands, and what I think we need to do to move forward.

Then, anyone who wants to in the movement can respond and criticize my points, and I can give counter responses. And we can go forward that way.

Because the level of shilling and confusion is out of control. I have seen people on social media claiming that because I don’t want to march with swastika flags, or that because I believe in American Nationalism, that I have renounced white nationalism and become a civic nationalist and that I no longer talk about race. That has to be simply shilling, because anyone can go to the Daily Stormer and see I am talking about race in every article. But it is representative of the level of confusion we have going on here.

It is wheels within wheels.

Ultimately, the people need to be given the information, and we need to, as a movement, decide which direction we want to go in and how we want to go about getting there.

We can use science to do this. If you have clear goals, you can work through whether or not any action is going to lead you to those goals. Of course, you won’t be right 100% of the time, but you are going to be a lot more accurate than you will be if you are doing things where you don’t even know what the goal is.

I am seeing people right now who appear to be genuine in a lack of a desire to move forward, or they perhaps just don’t understand the concept of moving forward, do not understand cause and effect.

If you ask someone what they are trying to accomplish by marching through the streets in Nazi-type uniforms, you will sometimes get responses like “FUCK YOU, IT’S PRO WHITE!”

And that isn’t an argument. (I’m of course not saying that is the argument of the people who planned Shelbyville.)

Anyway, I’m going to do my best to lay it all out there so that we can all come to a conclusion together, based on logic, about what makes sense.

I Think Shelbyville will be Fine

I was worried when they refused to ban guns, but I now feel that that Shelbyville will most likely be fine. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it, because I really am. I very much believe that the feds can and, if we don’t change our methods here, will stage some kind of shooting, either through provocation by police or informants among our ranks agitating.

This would not be hard to do.

But, if I had to guess, the event will be fine. If you’re planning on going, don’t let this article change your mind. That’s not my goal.

I wish all of you attending the best. Just be careful. Try to stay out of any type of street-fighting confrontation.

We do not need another Cantwell-type situation.

This event was planned in friendly territory, but we just don’t have any guarantees right now.

For those of you not even attending: all of you need to relax, on both sides. We’re going to figure this out, but not while we’re at each others’ throats.

Just chill.

Last Thing

I am going to put forward a plan for real life activism. I said that a few weeks ago, and I have been working on it.

I want to do this right. The big picture of building something that is completely decentralized and is capable of growing itself, organically, is all clear in my head, but it needs to be done right. The details need to be done right.

Right now, if you want to start into the real world, join a Stormer Book Club.

Hail Victory. 

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