Terror Attempt at World Cup: Haji Launches Half-Assed Taxi Attack at Mexican Tourists

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2018

News agencies are saying that this was an accident. Take a look and see for yourself:

Does that look like an accident to you?


A Moscow taxi driver reportedly lost control of his car and drove his vehicle onto a crowded sidewalk, injuring seven people, including two Mexican nationals who had come to Russia for the World Cup.

The accident occurred on the busy Ilyinka Street near Red Square, where many tourists and locals were out celebrating the Russia 2018 Mundial. Video footage of the crash shows a yellow cab abruptly accelerating out of the line of slowly moving cars and swerving onto the sidewalk. The vehicle ran into several pedestrians then crashed into a road sign.

I get why they would want to play down this attack. They want the games to go smoothly.

But from my point of view, it seems clear that this was a deliberate attack.

Six pedestrians were slightly injured, while one woman received medium injuries, according to authorities. The Mexican Embassy confirmed two of their citizens were hurt.

The driver attempted to flee the site of the crash, with a visibly angry crowd chasing him, footage shot by bystanders shows. It remains unclear whether people apprehended the suspect, or if police got to him first.

“According to preliminary data, the crash occurred when the driver lost control of the car,” Moscow police said, after questioning the detained suspect and launching a criminal probe into the incident.

Furthermore, even though the Kyrgyz are not known for committing terror attacks, the Uzbeks are and there are plenty of Uzbeks living in Kyrgyzstan. So we need more info on that, but if the man is an Uzbek from Kyrgyzstan, then the probability of this being deliberate jumps up to around ninety percent.

But woah, woah, woah.

Let’s not be too quick to judge here. Perhaps this man was simply a patriotic, God-fearing American Nationalist?

He did, after all, target Mexicans.

I may end up regretting labeling this guy a terrorist when he might clearly simply be a partisan fighter against the Beaner menace, who didn’t want the streets of Moscow to be polluted by border-hopping filth like the streets of America – a country that he has never been to, but that he nevertheless dearly loves.

Furthermore, perhaps this really was an accident.

Whenever I see Mexicans, I too am overcome by overwhelming bloodthirst and my big toe itches for the accelerator.