Terrorist Judge Rules Against Large Oppressed Radio Guru Alex Jonesman in Jewish Sandy Hoax Lolsuit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 31, 2018

It is absolutely insane that you can sue someone for accusing Jews of lying.

Yes, I get that you can sue anyone for anything, but it should be thrown out.

This lawsuit hit Jones at the same time that the media was building up a narrative against him to have him banned from the internet. It is pure “lawfare” – an attempt to silence someone who disagrees with the narrative through legal action.

New York Times:

A Texas judge denied the motion by the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought against him and his Infowars operation by the parents of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, in a ruling released on Thursday.

The lawsuit was filed in state district court in Austin by Veronique De La Rosa and Leonard Pozner, parents of Noah Pozner, who was 6 years old when he was killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

On his radio broadcast and in videos, Mr. Jones for years spread bogus claims that the shooting was a “false flag,” an event staged by the government as part of an effort to confiscate Americans’ firearms, and that the parents of the children killed were “crisis actors.”

After Mr. Pozner succeeded in getting an Infowars video casting doubt on the shooting removed from YouTube, Mr. Jones showed his audience Mr. Pozner’s personal information and maps to addresses associated with his family, court documents say. Mr. Jones also falsely accused Ms. De La Rosa of participating in a faked interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN after the shooting, according to court documents.

Subsequent death threats and harassment have forced the Pozner family to move seven times. They currently live in hiding.

Me oh my, a kike getting internet death threats.

It’s like another Shoah.

Please note that this is exactly what the Jews did to me – built up a narrative that I am an evil “neo-Nazi,” without even bothering to explain what the fuck that even is, then started suing me, then kicked me off of all internet platforms.

Kike senator Ron Wyden (J-Oregon) recently said this about The Jonesman:

I think what the Alex Jones case shows, we’re gonna really be looking at what the consequences are for just leaving common decency in the dust…what I’m gonna be trying to do in my legislation is to really lay out what the consequences are when somebody who is a bad actor, somebody who really doesn’t meet the decency principles that reflect our values, if that bad actor blows by the bounds of common decency, I think you gotta have a way to make sure that stuff is taken down.

That is this kike, whom you may have seen:

This is the new mainstream J-left view: it all must be shut down, people who disagree must “face consequences.”

Whatever you think of the Fat Man, he is the victim of an organized multi-level conspiracy by Jews to silence him.

Clearly, these rats are freaking out over Trump, and simply trying to shut down absolutely everything that goes against the mainstream narrative. No, Jones doesn’t talk about Jews and in fact has defended them and blamed all their actions on the Chinese. But he does support Trump, he is against wars, he is against immigration, he is pro-gun, etc. etc. etc.

All of these positions are now considered completely unacceptable by our Jewish overlords. So people who hold these positions are being punished, whether or not they blame the true culprit.

Ultimately, this means that there will be zero consequences for naming the Jew, as you are going to face the same sanctions whether or not you do.

Obviously, I am more sanctioned than Jones. But basically just barely. He is almost at the level I was at before Charlottesville, when I had my domain stolen and all other backbone services removed, ostensibly because I made an offensive fat joke.