Tesla Murders Yet Another Guinea Pig

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2018

No one could have predicted this.


Swiss firefighters have indicated the impact of a fatal crash involving a Tesla car may have triggered a battery fire, causing the vehicle to go up in flames.

A 48-year-German driver died on Thursday when his car hit a barrier on a motorway in the canton of Ticino, southern Switzerland. The car burst into flames and was attended to by Bellinzona firefighters, who say the blaze may have been caused by the Tesla battery.

Serves him right. He trusted Elon Musk.

The thing is, this nigger can’t do anything right.

All of his rockets are garbage and they’re not taking off. He’s literally struggling with tech that both the USSR and the US had in the sixties.

At this rate, we’re never going to even go back to the Moon, let alone Mars. 

Back to the story though. Two points.

  1. If Tesla early adopter drivers are anything at all comparable to Prius early adopters, the world is a better place without this man.
  2. An electric car is basically a giant bomb on wheels because of the battery.

I’m going to treat the whole electric car phenomenon like I will vaping.

I’ll let the early adopters do a twenty-year trial run and look at the results. If there is a trail of crispy corpses thanks to electric cars exploding, and people with three-headed mutants growing out of their lungs because of radiation or something from e-cigs, I’ll know not to do it.

So onwards, brave pioneers!

More careful souls like me are watching your guinea pig test unfold with great interest.

My thanks in advance to those who will die in the name of greater electronic amusements and commercial opportunities.

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