Texas Church Shooter was a Drug Addict Mad the Church Wouldn’t Give Him Cash

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

It’s funny.

I’ve been hearing nonstop about a black guy stabbing some Jews. Been hearing very little about a church attack where people actually died.


The congregation at a Texas church where two people were fatally shot had repeatedly given food to the gunman, according to the pastor, but had declined to give money to him, angering a man who court records show was deemed mentally incompetent for trial in 2012.

It’s unclear whether Keith Thomas Kinnunen’s extensive criminal record and psychological history would have barred him from legally buying the shotgun he used during Sunday’s attack at the West Freeway Church of Christ in the Fort Worth-area town of White Settlement.

Kinnunen, 43, shot worshippers Richard White and Anton “Tony” Wallace in the sanctuary before a member of the church’s volunteer security team shot and killed him, according to police and witnesses.

Minister Britt Farmer told The Christian Chronicle that he recognized Kinnunen after seeing a photo of him without the fake beard, wig, hat and long coat he wore as a disguise to the service.

Kinnunen visited the congregation several other times this year and was given food but denied money, the minister said.

“We’ve helped him on several occasions with food,” Farmer said in the interview. “He gets mad when we won’t give him cash.”

Records show that Kinnunen was found competent to stand trial in February 2013. However, both criminal cases were ultimately reduced to misdemeanors, to which he pleaded guilty.

One of Kinnunen’s ex-wives, Cynthia L. Glasgow-Voegle, also filed for a protective order against him in 2012, Oklahoma records show.

“Keith is a violent, paranoid person with a long line of assault and battery w/ and without firearms,” Glasgow-Voegle said in the petition. She also wrote that Kinnunen was prone to religious fanaticism and “says he’s battling a demon.”

Kinnunen got “more and more” into drugs and “it messed with his head” during their marriage, Angela Holloway, whose divorce from him was finalized in 2011, told the AP.

Holloway, a 44-year-old Fort Worth resident, said she hadn’t spoken to Kinnunen in years and learned from news reports that he was the church attacker. She said she and Kinnunen used to attend church together and that there were times he appeared to be off drugs, but that he was frightening by the end of their six-year marriage.

“He was really disturbed,” Holloway said.

Drugs and mental health among white men are a real issue, which could actually be directly addressed and presumably solved. So there is a lot to talk about in the wake of this attack.

Conversely, the problem of people hating Jews can’t really be solved. But we’re talking about it anyway. The Jews are demanding that the national guard be sent in and that the entire internet be shut down even more than it already is. That’s the conversation we’re having. Nothing about what is causing hatred of Jews, because well, that would get uncomfortable.

And even though we can talk about what caused the Texas church shooting in a productive way that doesn’t involved harebrained schemes involving the military and mass internet censorship, no one has any interest in that conversation.

Because white lives don’t matter any more than it matters why black people want to kill Jews.

The only thing that matters is protecting Jews from people who hate them.