Texas Court Delays Execution of “Schizophrenic” Negro Who Killed White Man

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2018

Kwame Rockwell.

Rockwell’s attorneys claim that their client is “mentally ill” (and thus unfit for execution) because he believes he is surrounded by “snakes and demons.”

But isn’t that just a standard negro belief?

Star Telegram:

The execution of a man who robbed a Fort Worth gas station in 2010 was delayed Friday by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Kwame Rockwell, 42, was set to be executed Oct. 24 for the deaths of a gas station clerk and delivery man in a Fort Worth robbery. Rockwell and two other men robbed the store and fatally shot Daniel Rojas and Jerry Burnett, according to court records. In 2012, Rockwell was convicted for the murder of Rojas.

On Friday, a majority of Texas Court of Criminal Appeals judges ordered Rockwell’s execution be delayed, the Texas Tribune reported. They also ordered a judge to appoint two mental health experts and re-examine Rockwell for execution.

On Wednesday, Rockwell and his attorneys filed a motion to stay the execution, arguing Rockwell’s schizophrenia prevents him from understanding his execution and the murder conviction.

According to state law, a person must be competent in order to be executed.

Rockwell’s attorneys said he has a lifelong history of severe mental illness with fixed delusions that snakes and demons surround him and invade his body, The Associated Press reported.

Jerry Burnett. The negro killed a beaner too but who cares lol.