Texas: Teacher Fired for Tweeting to Donald Trump About Illegal Immigrants at Her School is Reinstated

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2019

You win some, sometimes.

New York Times:

A high school English teacher in Texas who was fired after she sent tweets to President Donald Trump asking him to rid her school of immigrants in the country illegally should be reinstated or be paid a year’s salary, a state agency ruled this week.

But the ruling is probably not the last turn in the story, as the Fort Worth Independent School District said that it believed her firing was appropriate and that it would appeal the state’s ruling.

“We stand by our decision because we firmly believe this is in the best interests of all students,” Kent P. Scribner, the superintendent of the school district, said in a statement this week.

The state found that the teacher, Georgia Clark, should be reinstated and get back pay and employment benefits, or instead of being allowed to return to her job, she could receive one year’s salary from the date she would have been reinstated, according to its ruling.

“The day the petitioner would have been reinstated is the day respondent tenders petitioner payment in full,” the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency, Mike Morath, wrote in the ruling.

She looks like a very nice lady who just doesn’t want to deal with these little gibbering imps.

This is a bit like the Texas win over the boy whose mother was trying to force him to become a tranny, against his will and the will of his father. It’s something that never should have happened in the first place, so celebrating it as a win is like celebrating it as a win if your hand is chopped off but the doctor is able to sew it back on.

“Great news! I got my hand chopped off yesterday, but the doctor was able to sew it back on!” does not seem like something you would read in a tweet.

Firing a teacher because she said she wanted the president – who was elected on a plan to deport illegal immigrants – to deport the illegal immigrants at her school is insane on the face of it.

This win should be celebrated only if it is a jumping off point for something else. For instance: laws that protect government employees from being fired over politics could be introduced.