Thailand’s Operation Outlaw Foreigner: “The Suspicious Targets are the Dark-Skinned People”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 24, 2018

The news is this: the next in line for this agenda are the gooks.

Because they are not pathetic. Whatever you think of them, they run their own countries and don’t need anyone. By Jewish-Marxist definitions, that means they are oppressors.

They already went apeshit on Myanmar for driving a bunch of Pakis into a swamp. Thailand is going to be the next target – for arresting black Africans.


Allegedly aimed at busting visa abusers and illegal migrants, a Thai police operation called “X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner” has raised questions about racial profiling and fears for asylum-seekers caught in its web.

Tens of millions of tourists come to Thailand each year for the cheap living and postcard-perfect beaches, with some seeking out the seedier thrills of a bustling sex industry.

But as weak law enforcement, porous borders and corruption help make the country a hub for transnational crime, Thai authorities are intensifying Operation X-Ray — a programme that started about a year ago — with more than 1 000 people arrested in recent weeks, most for overstaying their visa.

Although the vast majority caught in the dragnet are migrants from nearby countries, the racial overtones of the campaign have sparked concerns about profiling based on skin colour.

“Our job is to classify who are the good dark-skinned people and who are the ones likely to commit crimes,” said immigration bureau chief Surachate Hakparn.

lol at a Thai trying to be politically correct.

They’re all likely to commit crimes, Surachate.

All of them.

That is what they do.

He told AFP that the operation was aimed at weeding out visa overstayers and nabbing criminals — especially “romance scammers” who lure lonely locals online to defraud them of cash.

He insisted that the romance scammers are often Nigerian or Ugandan.

Well, they either are or they aren’t. It appears that they are.

Also note that Asian women when they hit the wall are – at least a large portion of them – as dumb as white women and will get seduced by niggers. The difference is, in Thailand the men come and clean up their messes.

At the start of one night time operation witnessed by AFP in Bangkok’s rowdy Nana district earlier this month, about 75 Thai police officers stood in rows at a briefing.

“The suspicious targets are the dark-skinned people,” shouted an officer. “First, we search their bodies, then we search their passports.”

That’s fantastic.

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What are they doing there? Hookers will not go with them. The only reason they would be there is to sell drugs, and the Thaicops know that.

Soon they began stopping suspects, including three people from Mali who were tested for drugs on the spot.

By 11:55 pm, almost 30 individuals — about half of whom were black — had been rounded up.

Only one was Caucasian, a Frenchman caught smoking marijuana.

And I guarantee all the rest of them were Pakistanis and other Moslems. And the only white people stupid enough to smoke weed in Asia are the French. Or probably the Canadians, but they’re too cucky to be at a hooker zone.

Thais are eventually going to try to just ban Africans outright unless they are really rich. The reason they haven’t done that already is because all of these various globalist trade treaties include parts about how you have to allow blacks into your country.

But actual Thai people are getting pissed that there are any blacks there at all, because Asians just generally hate black people. And the current junta is a populist regime – military juntas can only be populist.

You watch this – this is just getting started. Thailand abusing black people is the next big Crusade.

Because let me just say this again, because it is important: people that can take care of themselves and run a (more or less) functional country are oppressors in the modern Jewish terminology.