The Age of Mechas is Upon Us

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2018


It’s about goddamn time.

The Mirror:

Russia has unveiled a terrifying 4.5-tonne bulletproof robot that can walk and hold weapons in its giant claws – and looks straight out of sci-fi films like Avatar and Robocop.

The Avatar-style ‘bot was revealed by Kalashnikov at the Army 2018 Fair just outside Moscow, as a ‘demonstration of what is to come.’

The robot can walk and has space in a cabin for people to sit and operate the robot from inside and can hold and move objects with its claws, including weapons.

The pilots are protected from bullets, debris and any other dangerous object behind the armoured glass and metal encasement.

The gold robot, which has been called Igorek, is still under construction and the creators do not wish to reveal all its characteristics until they have finished.

We should have had Mecha’s by the 1920s.

But the Jews worked their Kabalah sorcery to hold back our progress and start an alternate timeline where everything sucks.


Seems like with memes and Trump, we’re getting back on track. Back on track to Mecha battles. 

That’s where this is all headed. This is where it all should have been leading to. The future of mankind lies in developing mechas.

Instead, we got infininiggers.

If it weren’t for the Jews, you would have had a mecha by now. We would have all had them.

There’s really no doubt about it. And because Russia is fighting the Jews atm, they’re building mechas. Logical.

You can have Jews or you can have mechas, basically. Let’s just let the people decide. I think they’ll make the right choice.

Editor’s Note: 

I always thought this song was about mecha.