The Alt-Lite Should Apologize for Trying to Help Overthrow the Iranian Government

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2018

The Zionist backed protests and riots in Iran have failed. Will the Alt-Lite apologize to the Iranian people for trying to overthrow their government on behalf of Jews?

This past week the Iranian government announced that they had successfully cracked down on protests and riots across the country. The protesters were allegedly angry about economics while demanding feminism. The entire Jew-run establishment fully supported these protests despite the fact that they did not represent the will of the Iranian people. Pro-government rallies drew far greater numbers.

It’s transparently obvious that these anti-government protests were a direct result of foreign intervention. This was not an organic popular uprising against the government. The number of people who came out opposing the government proved this. Iran is a country of 80 million people and the number of protesters in aggregate was estimated to be around 42,000. That’s a very small percentage of the total population.

The Iranian government called-out Israel, the CIA and Saudi Arabia for engineering the uprising. Michael D’Andrea, a man who the New York Times previously identified as being involved with the CIA’s Iran operations, was specifically blamed as the main architect of the unrest. The end game seems to have been to kick off protests that would morph into an armed revolution against the government.

As we have previously documented, many personalities in the so-called Alt-Lite or Merchant Right were supporting the anti-government protests with propaganda on social media. They falsely claimed that this was a real popular uprising. Mike Cernovich, Jack the ratfucker Posobiec, Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux were among the most prominent Alt-Lite supporters of this Zionist operation.

Molyneux even cried about it.

Hilariously, Posobiec was still promoting the protests on his Twitter feed over the weekend. Apparently he hasn’t gotten the memo from his bosses that the Jew-run media and everyone else has moved on. The protests have been crushed but he seems to be in denial about this fact.

If this whole experience doesn’t show people what side the Alt-Lite is on, it is hard to say what will. There’s a reason why these individuals have been able to maintain a verified status on Twitter in an era dominated by social media censorship. These clowns are just another arm of the system. Their support of a Zionist operation to overthrow the Iranian government proves that the Alt-Lite is nothing more than a repackaged version of neo-conservatism for the Millennial generation. They might as well be cashing checks from the Israeli Mossad. And who knows, maybe some of them actually are. These people deserve to be condemned and called-out as shekel-grubbing traitors.

All of these Alt-Lite faggots should immediately apologize to the Iranian people for trying to overthrow their government on behalf of Jews. This was not a nice thing to do. They should also delete their social media accounts and quit the tubes for good. None of us are going to let them forget this. Their days are numbered and they should recognize this fact.