The Alt-Lite’s Iran Talking Points are Retarded

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2018

As many of you already know, a number of high profile figures in the Alt-Lite have come out in support of the Zionist agenda to overthrow the Iranian government. These people seem like they’re working off of a script because they’re pushing many of the same nonsensical talking points.

The talking points don’t even make any sense.

Let’s dissect a few of them.

“Protests are not a deep state operation because the mainstream media is not covering the story.”

Molyneux should have never posted this tweet because this is a totally false assertion. The Iran protests have been at the forefront of the news cycle since the protests began several days ago. Even the Washington Post, which is one of the most anti-Trump news publications in the country, is spamming op-eds supporting Trump’s position on the protests – just claiming he needs to do more.

Fox News has been covering the story non-stop while painting the protests in a positive light.

The BBC is covering it.

Same with CNN.

So Molyneux’s claim that the mainstream media is not covering this story is a lie. They’re not only covering it, but they’re depicting the protests as a positive thing. It’s also worth noting that there are numerous video clips and articles showing mainstream coverage of this story well before Molyneux posted that tweet.

“The women removing their hijabs in Iran are risking prison and death.”

These Alt-Lite clowns are basically saying that we need to over throw the Iranian government in the name of feminism. This is stupid in its own right, but they’ve gone even further than that.

Watson is claiming that women are facing prison and death if they take off their hijab.

This is not a believable statement. Before these protests kicked into high gear, the Iranian government announced that they would no longer be arresting women for breaching Islamic dress codes.

USA Today:

Police in the Iranian capital Tehran have announced they will no longer arrest people they deem to have breached Islamic values such as women with their heads uncovered in public, according to media reports.

The move came after Iran’s bitter rival Saudi Arabia eased some of its ultraconservative laws by announcing plans to allow women to drive and attend sports matches in stadiums.

So to claim that an Iranian woman risks prison or death for removing their hijab is a gross exaggeration. Especially when you have an announcement specifically stating that they are rolling back the enforcement of these rules. And is there even a documented case of the Iranian government executing a woman for not wearing a hijab? It would have been nice of Watson to provide an article link.

Ultimately though, how the Iranians treat their women is none of our business. We shouldn’t be advocating the overthrow of their government because they decided to reject Jewish feminism.

“The protests are organic and the ‘deep state’ had no idea they were going to happen.”

This is another insane assertion. The Central Intelligence Agency has been interfering in Iran’s domestic affairs since the 1950s. They helped remove Iran’s democratically elected leader in a coup and installed the Shah.

So if we are to believe that they had no idea about these protests, we’d have to assume that the United States has no intelligence assets of any kind in the country. This is not believable considering the history and the fact that Iran is viewed as a geopolitical adversary (along with the fact that the government regularly catches CIA spies in the country).

But if the deep state was really surprised by these protests, why is it that everybody ranging from Israel, Neo-Con Jews, Democrats, Republicans and the Alt-Lite have all come out supporting them? That’s quite the unified front for an event that nobody knew was going to happen.

This also happened shortly after the defeat of the Zionist backed Islamic State and a massive purge of anti-Jew and anti-Israel accounts on Twitter. It’s hard to believe that either of these things were a coincidence.

We also see that Molyneux is scrambling to clarify his position by claiming that he supports the protests but not foreign intervention.

This position only makes sense if there’s proof that this is a legitimate popular uprising by the Iranian people. There is no proof that this is the case. The people who attended the recent pro-government rallies were outnumbering the protesters. Plus, this looks like the work of foreign agitators than normal people who have legitimate issues with the government. There are many political analysts who agree with this assessment.

Overall, the Alt-Lite has made themselves look like the biggest Jew shills anywhere because of their retarded talking points on this issue. I would suggest that these people delete their social media accounts and submit their resignation from the tubes.