The Bad Guys are Always Nazis

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2019

I have considered the behavior of the leftists, who, if not Jewish, tend to have merely moderate-to-low intelligence, and believe that they are heroes, fighting for some kind of vague goodness. I believe that the core of this is the entertainment media, which shapes so much of the behavior of modern man.

These images in visual media are powerful. They drive people to mimic the behavior patterns that they see on screen. The human mind cannot differentiate between something that is happening on screen and something that is happening in real life, so the natural brain response is to regard the heroes on screen as natural role models to be copied.

It takes a special kind of intelligence to break from that pattern.

We must analyze this phenomenon wherein nearly every single movie or television series that the Jews produce features stand-ins for Nazis as the bad guys.

We recently saw the blonde-haired Daenerys turn evil in Game of Thrones, and after committing a genocide, she held a Nuremberg Rally.

She even had a Fascist-type red and black flag.

The actress who played her recently said that she watched videos of Hitler in preparation for that scene.

The same Nuremberg Rally scene took place in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

There was also a red and black fascist flag.

All of the villains in the new Star Trek films are white, while virtually all of the heroes (who are not holdovers from the old movies) are nonwhite or women.

In watching the first season of the new Star Trek show, Discovery, I noted that the Klingons – having been Soviets or Moslems in the older shows – were now spouting Nazi ideology, talking about how multiculturalism would destroy their race.

And then – because of course – the characters go into Mirror Universe, which is ultra-Nazi in the new reimagining of this show. The magical black female hero is forced to give the Nazi salute nonstop to try and fit in with the evil universe.

Marvel movies have had nonstop references and allusions to Nazis throughout pretty much every single one of these films.

Red Skull and Arnim Zola, the villains in the first two Captain America movies, were actual German Nazis.

To be fair, the big villain of that series, Thanos, was an eco-fascist. But he was still fixated on genocide, and genocide always draws up images of Nazis, because according to what you learn in school, Nazis are the only people who ever tried to commit a genocide.

And of course, the favorite books and film series of leftists, Harry Potter, is filled to the brim with allusions to Nazis. It’s the core of the entire plot – the villain wants purebreed wizards to exterminate the “mudbloods.”

This is just pointing to recent media, still fresh in everyone’s mind. You can go back through the last 75 years of film, all the way to the films produced during the war (when it actually made sense, to be fair), and find that the villains of blockbuster entertainment are almost always Nazis.

This is all Jewish brainwashing. And it works. The default worldview is that white people who stand up for themselves are always evil psychopaths hellbent on destruction and doom.

This is the peril you face when allowing Jews to control your film industry.

And it should be very obvious. Imagine if the Chinese ran Hollywood, and all of the villains in every film were a blatant allusion to the Taiwanese – that every hero sought to reunify an empire against a rebellious villain who was trying to break it apart. That would make as much sense as what we have now. There is no reason that every villain needs to be a Nazi, and it has become repetitive and boring, to the point where normies are talking about “the villain problem.”

We must pay attention to how deeply this phenomenon affects people.

It may be effective to point this out to the victims of this brainwashing, because I am rather certain that most people do not like being chumps, and if it is revealed to them that their entire worldview has been sold to them through Hollywood movies, they will be forced to consider the fact that they are chumps.

Perhaps a full list of villains who have been Nazis would be helpful to compile, as it would shock anyone who has not considered just how deeply into our subconscious the concept of the “evil Nazi” has been ingrained.