“The Concentration Camps are Unfortunately Out of Action at the Moment”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 21, 2015

Akif Pirincci: Turkish Nazi
Akif Pirincci: Turkish Nazi

Following Monday’s Pegida rally, there was one speech that the media focused on most.

And get this – it was a speech by a Turk. He’s calling for the reopening of concentration camps to put these migrants.


The media’s attention was particularly drawn to a 25-minute speech by the German-Turkish writer Akif Pirincci, otherwise known for a cat-based crime fiction series and a libertarian blog called “The Axis of Good,” which has often been accused of racism.

Pirincci’s extraordinary and occasionally vulgar ramble, all read from notes, included references to refugees as “invaders,” politicians as “gauleiters against their own people,” Muslims “who pump infidels with their Muslim juice” and a threat that Germany would become a “Muslim garbage dump.”

After the crowd responded with shouts of “resistance, resistance,” Pirincci said, “Of course there are other alternatives – but the concentration camps are unfortunately out of action at the moment.The crowd applauded and laughed at that, though they eventually called on the writer to stop after his speech continued for another 20 minutes.

State prosecutors in Dresden said on Tuesday that they would be investigating Pirincci’s remarks, on suspicion of hate speech.

Just like Anne Coulter being a woman helps her say these things she says, Pirincci being a Turk both protects him and dissolves the concept that the only reason anyone would want to live in a White country is race hate – he is from a brown country, and yet supports White supremacy in Germany.

His book contract was – unsurprisingly – canceled over these statements. And he will presumably be prosecuted. Even though it was at least a half-joke.


Random House announced late on Tuesday that it had terminated all contracts between its subsidiaries and Pirincci, following right-wing extremist comments made by the author in the eastern German city of Dresden on Monday evening.

The protection of democracy and human rights is for us a key part of our publishing creativity, as well as respect for traditions and the desire for cultural diversity,” Random House wrote on their website, adding that Pirincci’s statements “are conflicting to these values.”

The 56-year-old, best known for a series of cat-based crime novels starting with “Felidae” in 1989, has more recently gained notoriety for a libertarian blog called “The Axis of Good,” which has often been accused of racism. He has also written a series of leaflets and books, spreading ideas sometimes condemned as far-right and homophobic.

Standard practice.

But get this:

Even from within the ranks of PEGIDA, it appeared that Pirincci had gone a step too far, with the movement’s co-founder, Lutz Bachmann, condemning the comments.

Bachmann posted an apology on Facebook on Tuesday, saying it was “a grave mistake” to not turn off Pirincci’s microphone earlier.

Turkish Nazis who want to round up immigrants and send them to Auschwitz are not why these people are not drawing bigger crowds. They are still cucks, and they limit themselves, still believing that they need to be “moderate” in order to draw crowds. It’s just false.

The fact that Bachmann dressed up like Hitler indicates, surely, that he is not an actual anti-fascist. Yet he pushes it so hard.
The fact that Bachmann dressed up like Hitler indicates, surely, that he is not an actual anti-fascist. Yet he pushes it so hard.

Obviously, everyone can’t go around saying “let’s send these people to camps,” as Germany has laws against it. This Turk might get out of it, but Whites saying it would not. Still, Bachmann does not need to come out and say “omg I’m so sorry,” just like he does not need to explicitly state constantly that he is against Nazism. He could have easily said with regards to the Pirincci’s comments “yeah he’s just joking around, people outraged over this are overly sensitive, ridiculous people.”

The German right needs to uncuck itself posthaste if they want to stop this invasion.

They need to start talking about Barbara Spectre.

And about Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi.

You can’t go to prison for bringing these things up.

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