The Daily Shoah 296A: Rape Retardant

Seventh Son
The Right Stuff
May 24, 2018

If you are as high time preference as I think you are, you’ve already listened to the bonus 3rd hour of Episode 296, leaving you with no fresh Shoah material for today. But fear not, here is a fine clip show, including about 40 minutes of lost content that I’ve just restored. Enjoy.

  • 0:00 INTRO:┬áFTN At The Podcast Oscars
  • 2:10 Lost Footage: How To Rape Retards And Be An Hero (32)
  • 37:45┬áThe Merchant Minute #38┬á(32)
  • 41:10┬áSoundcheck/Deathcamps, Despots & Dives #3: Belzec
  • 44:30 Colon & Rectal Cancers on the Rise (134)
  • 57:30 Belle Knox Chokes On Cocks (2)
  • 1:07:25┬áLe Spoopy Autiste: Spirit Cooking
  • 1:14:20 Hour 1 From Election Day 2016 (110)
  • 2:07:10 White Student Unions (60)


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