The Daily Stormer Endorses Steve King for Speaker of the House

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 13, 2016


The Daily Stormer is officially endorsing Steve “Old Blue Eyes” King for Speaker of the House.

This guy is great. Only issue I have with him is that he supports Israel, but that appears to be genuine, in that he doesn’t fully understand the situation and just likes the Jews because they kill Moslems.

Anyway, Israeli is the least of our concerns at this point, and Steve King is hardcore on the number one issue that matters in this country, and that is the supremacy of the White race.

He said it plainly on MSNBC during the RNC.

He also doubled-down and refused to apologize for those statements.

He also totally hates faggots completely, wants to ban abortion outright, voted against sending aid to Katrina Negroes, has called out women as chronic rape-hoaxers and has even called for Mexicans to be replaced with robots. Back in 2013, before the rise of Trump, he said 99 out of 100 Mexicans are drug dealers – a statement for which he was rebuked by the cuck Boehner and the kike Cantor.

He then refused to apologize to kike Blitzer.

He has also been disavowed by John McCain for saying Obama was the messiah of Islamic terrorists.

Perhaps most importantly, he’s vowed to save the $20 bill from the worthless Negress human trafficker Harriet Tubman.

He said in a recent radio interview that he thinks Paul Ryan should probably be thrown under the bus.


Iowa Congressman Steve King of Kiron says it’s an “open question” about what may happen to fellow Republicans who were lukewarm supporters of Donald Trump or part of the “Never Trump” movement. King, for example, says House Speaker Paul Ryan openly criticized some of Trump’s controversial comments and King isn’t quite ready to vote to retain Ryan as the Republican leader in the House.

King points to Ryan’s rebuke of Trump’s call last December to ban Muslims from entering the country and King is waiting on Ryan to make building a wall along the southern border an immediate priority.

King and other House Republicans are scheduled to decide who will be their leader NEXT WEEK, but King says it “would be prudent” to delay that vote.

Here’s some little clips from that interview.

King also talked about this ten million years ago (4 days before the election) on CNN.

He says he’s not hearing names for replacements.

I’m hearing a name, Steve King: the name I’m hearing is “Steve King.”