The Daily Stormer is Really Meant for a White Audience, And I Can’t be Held Responsible for the Affect on Asians

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2018

You know, we here at the Daily Stormer love our East Aryans. We love Anime, K-Pop and wish that white women would model themselves after Asian women.

However, that does not mean this is a site designed for Asians, or that it is going to turn out well if Asians get all into it.

Daily Beast:

A neo-Nazi who became a C-list meme celebrity for singing a cringeworthy rendition of “Dixie” was arrested Friday on federal weapons charges.

Heon “Hank” Jong Yoo of Tyler, Texas, is 24-year-old white supremacist of Korean descent, who is most famous for videos in which he brandished a sword in front of a Confederate flag and declared “sieg heil Taylor Swift.” While those videos, which went viral on Facebook and Twitter, earned him internet derision, he expressed more violent views on less-public platforms, including calling for “right wing death squads,” advocating lynchings, and posing with rifles, leaked chats show.

Another “leaked chat.”

Guarantee it was Discord.

Stop using it, people.

And anyway – don’t talk about violent crap on any platform.

Last week, Yoo was arrested on a warrant from Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives for allegedly making false statements during a firearms purchase, the Tyler Morning Telegraph first reported. The warrant is currently sealed and jail records describe him as being held on a federal detainer, currently without bond.

This seems like a witch hunt.

Political persecution.

The arrest was not Yoo’s first over weapons charges. In December 2016, he was cuffed alongside three other men on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges. Police said Yoo and the other men had started arguing with someone on his lawn, and pulled weapons before fleeing in a truck. When police stopped the vehicle, they found “a tactical vest, three magazines, a handgun, two rifles, a machete, and a shotgun” inside, Texas’ KLTV reported.

Blah blah blah – he was probably just mad about something.

The case was dismissed last year. Tyler court records also show Yoo was arrested on trespassing charges in February. The law firm representing Yoo in the ongoing trespassing case declined to comment on his most recent arrest.

Previously, Yoo was most famous for a pair of viral videos. In one, Yoo waves a decorative sword in front of an American flag, a Confederate flag, a Texas flag, a Trump sign, and a homemade “death to Islam” poster, before trying to sing the unofficial Confederate anthem “Dixie.” It is unbearably bad.

Is it bad because of his gook accent, Daily Beast?

Seems kinda racist there.

In another, captioned “love Taylor Swift. sieg heil,” Yoo says he supports the pop star “because she supports Donald Trump.” Swift has never publicly commented on her preferred candidate in the 2016 election, prompting speculation that she secretly backed Trump. The blonde pop star also has a legion of neo-Nazi fans who described her to Motherboard as an “Aryan goddess.” (Swift has been largely quiet on the unfortunate fan base, except to threaten a lawsuit to a blogger who pointed it out.)

Anyway, yes.

Asian Nazis are an important part of the internet ecosystem.

But I’m not sure what to tell them.

I mean, my site is targeted exclusively at white people. And I can’t be held responsible for what it does to the brains of the Asians who read it.