The Daily Traditionalist: Authentic Degenerates and Toxic Progressives

Radio Aryan
January 23, 2017

Matt Parrott joins Matthew Heimbach for Monday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist to discuss Heimbach’s experience at the presidential inauguration. This was a huge success for us, it made us look good and it made the Left look terrible. Hopefully the antifa who were making fools of themselves will get charged with rioting. Parrott points out that it’s a different world right there in the Federal zone, it’s not Ferguson or Baltimore and the likelihood is that these clowns will be made an example of.

The black bloc/anarchist message is just pure destruction, they have no plan for how to ensure a worse administration doesn’t take power. The State defends them and if the state was gone, they would be at the mercy of everyone else. Their dream is to overwhelm law enforcement and take on the Right Wing twenty to one, which we turned into a nightmare for them at Sacramento. The mainstream Liberal publications are all justifying the behaviour of the radical Left, while conservative commentators are starting to echo our own thoughts on this.

Relying on the State for protection means we are behaving like the Left, but the State does not protect us. We need our own security teams to ensure we cannot be attacked, Richard Spencer should have been prepared for a physical assault by being surrounded by security. If we have good protection these thugs can be restrained and then they have to be prosecuted. They are not able to debate us and they know this, which is why they will always use violence instead.

Presented by Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrott

The Daily Traditionalist: Authentic Degenerates and Toxic Progressives – DT 012317

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