The David Duke: Jews View all Whites as Potential Nazis w/Kevin MacDonald

David Duke
September 4, 2015


Today Dr. Duke had Professor Kevin MacDonald as his guest for the hour. Dr. Duke related his struggle to protect the Liberty Monument in New Orleans from a move by the anti-white establishment to destroy it. He and Professor MacDonald then discussed the Jewish role in immigration and the possibilities for change in this area presented by the Donald Trump campaign.

Professor MacDonald explained that Jews fear a homogeneous society in which one group (European Americans in the case of the United States) have the power to enforce their own ethnic interests. He also said that historically they have a hatred of Europeans, whom they have been competing with for 2000 years and whom they reflexively see as evil Nazis.

This is an incredible discussion between the two leading intellectuals of our movement. Use it as a wake up call for your associates.



  1. What is “semitism”?
    (The word “anti-semitism” was made up by a jew)

  2. With all the misfortunes that Semites already did, I think I have every reason to be anti-Semitic. As well as anti-black.

  3. Can you guys have Macdonald talk about race and IQ.
    Quite frankly, I don’t think I have ever heard him say anything about thee two. Being that he is a psychologist he probably knows some interesting things.

    • Delightful Gentleman

      but we already know all that…

    • I would dread to hear what Macdonald has to say about race and IQ, because he comes from an academic background, and academia has been controlled, infiltrated, and utterly dominated by Jews for a long time. Thus I fear Macdonald would simply operate within the pre-defined limits by Jews and repeat the lies that, Jews are the smartest, then the Chinese, then the Whites, when my own eyes have shown me that Chinese are retarded, and Jews have never invented anything, but merely steal our inventions.

      We the White race built the pyramids, pyre-mid, fire in the middle, which were passive free energy generators or collectors to be precise, harvesting the electromagnetic energy field of the planet, something Tesla rediscovered and was murdered for by strangulation. Tesla, a White man, predicted hand held devices that could send messages, 110 years ago, and today we call them text messages. Tesla made a car that could travel 110 mph with no sound and no emission, running solely on magnets.

      So I don’t need anybody with any pile-it-higher-and-deeper (phd) to tell me anything about the genius of our race, genius, which only comes from genus, meaning race.

      Brothers, stop believing lies. Trust your eyes.

      “Those who look without, dream. Those who look within, awake.” Carl Gustav Jung

  4. Dr. David
    Duke quoting Lenin “We shall lead the opposition to defeat.”

    Stormer Duke interview with Kevin Mcdonald

    Duke, there
    are no “half jews”. Wake up. Let me give you a glass of “half milk” and “half
    shit” and let’s see you drink it. You won’t, because your body is wiser than
    you, there are no halves. A thing is either pure, or corrupt.

    The 1/1928 Century Magazine
    carried an

    interesting article by a reporter for the New
    York Tribune who worked part-time

    as a rabbi, Marcus Eli Ravage.

    That month he took a broad swipe at the “clumsy
    Russian” purported to have

    written “The Protocols of the Elders of

    Zion”, on which I’ll only add that their
    contents read as a road map the realities

    of today globally. But in the February issue he
    sounded like a

    forerunner of Rosenthal:

    (the Protocols) is genuine and authentic.
    But what is that beside the

    unquestionable historical conspiracy which we
    have carried out, which we have

    never denied because you never had the courage
    to charge us with it, and of

    which the full record is extant for anyone to
    read?…You have not begun to

    appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We

    are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken

    your natural world, your ideals, your destiny,
    and played havoc with

    them. We have been at the bottom

    not merely of the latest war but nearly all your
    wars…We have brought

    discord and confusion and frustration into your
    personal and public life.

    We are still doing it…

    make much noise and fury about

    (our) undue influence in your theaters and movie
    palaces. Very good;

    granted your complaint is well-founded. But what
    is that compared to our staggering INFLUENCE in your churches,

    your schools, your laws and your governments,
    and the very thoughts that you

    think every day? No conquest in history can even
    remotely compare

    with this clean sweep of our conquest over you…Take the three principal

    revolutions in modern times – the French, the
    American and the Russian.

    What are they but the triumph of (our) idea of
    social, political, and economic


    Duke contradicts himself, on the one hand glorifying New
    Orleans people who broke the law while standing up for the Law and used
    violence to do so, and on the other hand saying anyone who advocates ‘violence’
    and ‘breaking the law’ is stupid.

    It’s just a word shuffle game Duke: violence is bad, but
    liberty and secession and war of independence is good. Breaking the “law” is
    bad but the Rebels who became Founding Fathers is good.

    Duke and McDonald’s palaver is tolerated by the Jew Zog
    precisely because of its effete impotence. Another hundred years of such pretty
    talk, and Whites will be done.

    When will you people learn, unabashed bare-fanged open
    wholescale beautiful violent revolution is the only answer.

    Whites are not enslaved by guns to the head, yet, or
    implanted explosive chips in the body, yet, but they are enslaved and paralyzed
    by words.

    “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by
    mankind.”–Rudyard Kipling

    White people are controlled by the Jew exactly as a man
    controls his dog with a few words “Sit, sic, roll over, come, go, shut up.” When
    the Jew uses words such as “anti-semite, fascist, racist, xenophobe, homophobe”

    What is the law?

    Man’s laws written by a pen and enforced by our own military
    and law enforcement traitors and moral cowards against their own people, have
    no validity unless they adhere to THE LAW.

    THE LAW is inscribed in the heart of every White man and
    woman. It is THE LAW of our Heavenly Father, and it is what instinctively
    commands and compels us at times when we see evil, for instance, when a child
    is raped, when a woman is assaulted or murdered, that cannibalism is wrong and
    evil, etc. And according to THE LAW White people have the right to exist, to
    live free, which in a world of eternal struggle and strife, necessitates that we
    Whites are at the top of the food chain to establish our ORDER of justice. The
    order of muslims which permites cliterodectomies on children is unacceptable to
    White Order. The order of negroes which accepts cannibalism and slavery as
    natural and right, is unacceptable to our Order. The order of the Dravidian of
    pooping everywhere, because they are too stupid to dig wells and build toilets
    with plumbing, is unacceptable to our Order. The order of the chinaman which
    allows eating of babies, is unacceptable to our Order.

    What is the law?

    The LAW of God eternal that is conducive to life, first and
    foremost our kind of life, and anything that conflicts with that, is death, is
    Satan, and is against THE LAW.

    Word jugglers such as Duke and McDonald, who dance between
    the light and the shadow, walk the fine line of advocating White rights, while
    not yet openly articulating that according to Jews, Whites have no rights and
    deserve to die; while trying to wake White people up, but then saying well don’t
    do that, I know, our heroes in the past did that but, it’s against the Jew law
    now you see. They fail to understand that Whites will never awake until they
    ignite into a burning flame, an all consuming raging fire, for love of our
    people, our children, our Father, our history, our culture, our future, and an
    implacable hatred and determined fury against evil.

    Go to any White museum, and look at the great events and
    great men in history, and ALL OF THEM, but all of them, have one thing in
    common, they revolve around war. Why?

    Because we are the people of the sword. We the Bel race, the
    White race, we are the Bellum race, the war race, the belligerent bellicose beautiful
    race, war is beautiful to the war race, making death beautiful, life but a
    coin, to be staked in the past time, and only the fair race is fair, too many
    of our people have forgotten that “beyond the pale” was an old way of saying “savagery
    as only seen outside White lands”, only our genea is gentle, only our genus is
    genius, who gave the world music, mathematics, art, medicine, the computer? that
    we the White race are the Wight race, the Vigt race, the Fight race, is a truth
    that Jews are all too aware of and the very reason they dread and attack us so
    much. Go and trace the etymology in the dictionary, it will take less than one
    minute of your time and open your eyes to what power you carry in your blood,
    and if you don’t know what you are, then you are whatever others tell you you

    Life, liberty, property, justice, Law, Order, are only
    achieved by the sword, have only ever been achieved by the sword, and will in
    the future ever only be achieved by the sword. The light does not debate with
    the darkness; the light does not compromise with the darkness. When Whites burn
    white hot again, they will see the darkness and the wicked flee before them.

    And what is our White soul? What is the source of our power?

    That which we love, gives us power.

    So go, and search your soul, what do you love, what is so
    great and important to you that you would gladly die for it, for die you shall
    someday either for nothing, or, if you ask your heart and find your purpose,
    for what matters, for everything. And let us remember Patton’s words when he
    said the object of war is not to die for your country, read nation, read race,
    but to make the other sorry bastard die for his.

    Some loves are greater than others. When you find the
    Supreme Love, you will find the Supreme Power.

    So I ask you, my brothers and sisters, what is “the law”?

    • Dr. Macdonald is an atheist and Dr. Duke cares about our race. I appreciate what these men do for our race more than I do for your ramblings. I could care less for their religious beliefs.

    • DeutschlandÜberAlles

      I do believe that Dr.Duke only is against violence in public. Idk the work of MacDonald. But I agree with the rest of your outstanding and truthful comment. My grandfather used to have an english friend, they both were WW2 veterans (of course). My mom told me that they often said on the phone “What we need is a new war” as they were talking about the youth and this Hippie generation.
      We Germans need to find our godly spark which is the Furor Teutonicus. I do believe that the current situation forces us to find it again. The situation is bad and a punishement for our godlessness but at the same time it could become a blessing if we make a great turnaround as a people. Even some german WN who called themselve atheists now say that they started praying.
      The Furor Teutonicus was and is hated by the world. But it is our only “tool” to survive. When the world hates us again and says “look at these evil Nazi Bastards” then we have done smth. right.
      I´ve translated a little poem by Walter Flex called “Deutsche Schicksalsstunde” (German hour of destiny). Of course the translation is not perfect. In german it rhymes and sounds very good.

      German hour of destiny:

      Now hate hits like a weather
      every single german country
      destroyer or saviour
      appeare at the world-destroying conflagration

      We are the hate of the earth

      every man, woman and child
      but no matter what this means
      we stay true to ourselves

      This world doesn´t want love
      from us. And we know that
      And cool our forheads during the battle
      at the foreign hate

      Pride is only useful to us
      if it strenghtens us
      a fool is who looks for foreign eyes
      and foreign mouths.

      If you´re searching for love
      love only what is german and what is real
      with love we want to crown
      the most poor german servant.

      We are in covenant with the Lord
      and share right and guilt
      and throw before the dogs
      the foreign hate and cherishing

      So let us swear and sing,
      into the night, into the storm
      to be German until death
      and nothing else.

      Macht und Ehre: Zahltag (Payday)

      • “God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all and always well-informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had thirteen States independent for eleven years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each State. What country before ever existed a century and a half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon, and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

        Thomas Jefferson

        Year: 1787

        Context: Letter to William S. Smith

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

        John F. Kennedy, the Jew with an Irish, Arya-ish name

        “We must recognize that war is common and strife is justice, and all things happen according to strife and necessity. (DK22B80)

        War is the father of all and king of all, who manifested some as gods and some as men, who made some slaves and some freemen. (DK22B53)”

        Heraklitus, 500 BCE

        “For it is an assured truth
        that, whenever the faculties of men are at their fulness, they must express
        themselves by art; and to say that a state is without such expression, is to
        say that it is sunk from its proper level of manly nature. So that, when I tell
        you that war is the foundation of all the arts, I mean also that it is the
        foundation of all the high virtues and faculties of men.

        It was very strange to me
        to discover this; and very dreadful — but I saw it to be quite an undeniable
        fact. The common notion that peace and the virtues of civil life flourished
        together, I found, to be wholly untenable. Peace and the vices of
        civil life only flourish together. We talk of peace and learning, and of peace
        and plenty, and of peace and civilisation; but I found that those were not the
        words which the Muse of History coupled together: that on her lips, the words
        were — peace and sensuality, peace and selfishness, peace and corruption, peace
        and death. I found, in brief, that all great nations learned their truth of
        word, and strength of thought, in war; that they were nourished in war, and
        wasted by peace; taught by war, and deceived by peace; trained by war, and
        betrayed by peace; — in a word, that they were born in war, and expired in

        Yet now note carefully, in
        the second place, it is not all war of which this can be said
        — nor all dragon’s teeth, which, sown, will start up into men. It is not the
        ravage of a barbarian wolf-flock, as under Genseric or Suwarrow; nor the
        habitual restlessness and rapine of mountaineers, as on the old borders of
        Scotland; nor the occasional struggle of a strong peaceful nation for its life,
        as in the wars of the Swiss with Austria; nor the contest of merely ambitious
        nations for extent of power, as in the wars of France under Napoleon, or the
        just terminated war in America. None of these forms of war build anything but
        tombs. But the creative or foundational war is that in which the natural
        restlessness and love of contest among men are disciplined, by consent, into
        modes of beautiful — though it may be fatal — play: in which the natural
        ambition and love of power of men are disciplined into the aggressive conquest
        of surrounding evil: and in which the natural instincts of self-defence are
        sanctified by the nobleness of the institutions, and purity of the households,
        which they are appointed to defend. To such war as this all men are born; in
        such war as this any man may happily die; and forth from such war as this have
        arisen throughout the extent of past ages, all the highest sanctities and
        virtues of humanity.”

        John Ruskin (family name means kindred or race of the Rus, Rus means “he who rows”, yet another good Viking Norseman in England), the Crown of Wild Olive, lecture delivered at military academy

        The War-Thing, the Comrade,
        Father of Honor,
        And Giver of kingship,
        The fame-smith, the song master.
        Priest (saith the Lord)
        Of his marriage with victory

        Clear singing, clean slicing;
        Sweet spoken, soft finishing;
        Making death beautiful
        Life but a coin
        To be staked in a pastime
        Whose playing is more
        Than the transfer of being;
        Arch-anarch, chief builder,
        Prince and evangelist,
        I am the Will of God:
        I am the Sword.

        Oliver Wendell (another Viking name) Holmes’s “The Soldier’s Faith” Speech of 1895

  5. I loved it. Thanks to Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald. I hope all you Goyim REALLY listen to what they are saying. This is extremely informative.

  6. Two leading lights of the White civil rights movement coming together in mutual respect. White unity is a beautiful thing!

  7. All Jews are devils.

    John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    Cain murdered his brother Abel. Satan is the Father of lies and the Jews are his children.

    John 8:47

    He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

    Jesus said “Jews are not of God.” They are of their father Satan.

    John 8:48
    Then answered the Jews,


    Yashuah Jesus Christ said that. If you deny Christ, you are an anti-Christ and may go join Satan and his children the Jews, for their time is short.

  8. Great show. Here is a video I’ve watched a few times…it is called ‘The Psychopath Next Door’. It is a documentary. I’ve included the link here because it is in relevance to the jewish question…and Mr. Duke and Mr. MacDonald are specialist within this area.

    Psychopaths are real and there are more of them than you realize. There’s much more of them living around you than what is even suggested in this documentary. I’d advise people to give it a perusal if you’ve never seen it before. I believe that the vast majority of jews are psychopaths…and this defining characteristic they have greatly aids in their success within their specific endeavors and stations in life: banking, media, ceo’s, cultural destruction and especially politics and government.

    Especially government…and other high positions. The old adage – The cream always rises to the top – is a complete fallacy. It is the polar opposite which is true.

    • This show’s examples aren’t psychopaths, just selfish people. This is another Jew media show designed to make the sheeple/goyim afraid of one another and create social chaos.

      • Sorry…but I’ll have to disagree with you, sir. The show clearly explains in detail the mind of a psychopath. Maybe you could not properly understand the documentary? Being selfish, as you mention, is a characteristic of psychopaths, yes. And no, I’m sure this was not created to make everyone afraid of one another and create social chaos. Quite sure.

        And there are numerous other articles and information floating around about jews being psychopathic in general. This is nothing new. It’s as old as the hills.

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