The David Duke Show: A Clarion Call to Stop the Zio-Genocide of European Mankind

David Duke
November 17, 2015


Dr. Duke Gives a Clarion Call to Europeans Across the World to Stop our Zio-Genocide!

Today Dr. Duke had one of his most powerful broadcasts ever. Responding to events in Paris, he reminded his listeners that the jihadists perpetrators were in France because of Zionist open-borders immigration policies, and that the jihadists are incited to kill Europeans to avenge the deaths of the Muslim victims of Zionist wars for Israel.

Dr. Duke emphasized that Zionists benefit from terrorist attacks, as it mobilizes the American and European public to fight more wars for Israel. Dr. Slattery pointed out that as long as our societies are under Zionist domination, boosting military spending and sending our troops to the Middle East is like a person continuing to deposit his paycheck into a bank account after criminals have stolen and are using his bank card. We need to overthrow our Zionist overlords, and the first step is to speak out against Jewish supremacy.

This is one of the most powerful shows ever and must be shared and reposted widely.