The David Duke Show: Countdown to Jonestown Massacre

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 18, 2015

Alex Jones has claimed that he will not be wearing his traditional Joker make-up during the fight, though many experts believe he is lying.
Alex Jones has claimed that he will not be wearing his traditional Joker make-up during the fight, though many experts believe he is lying, and will don the Joker make-up to attempt to intimidate Duke.

Yesterday was Dr. Duke’s second-to-last show before the showdown with the Fat Man, which Vegas bookies are already referring to as “The Jonestown Massacre,” even though it hasn’t actually happened yet.

Jones has said he uses the Joker make-up to "strike fear into those who wish to harm Israel."
Jones has said he uses the Joker make-up to “strike fear into those who wish to harm Israel.”

Areas across the country will be showing the debate, and the odds are literally worse than those in the Pacquio-Mayweather fight, with many analysts confused as to why Jones has agreed to destroy his legacy in this showdown.

Most assume he is doing it for the shekels. The penis juice which is sponsoring the debate is giving a hundred million, 70% of which goes to Jones. Originally it was going to be fifty-fifty, but Alex Jones’ team of Jew lawyers managed to Jew Dr. Duke out of 20% of these shekels.

Apparently, their argument was that since Jones’ body is so much larger, he deserves a larger cut.

Alex Jones has been preparing for this fight his entire career.
Alex Jones has been preparing for this fight his entire career.

Another argument made by Jones’ team of Jewish lawyers, in documents obtained by The Daily Stormer, was that due to Jones’ abysmal health, he will have to expend significantly more energy during the competition.

“Due to Mr. Jones massive size, he has to extend a tremendous amount of energy simply to raise his arms,” the document reads, “the yelling that he will be forced to do as he shouts down and talks over Dr. Duke will put him at serious risk of heart attack. Duke, on the other hand, possessing fully normal human mobility and heart health, has much less to risk in this competition.”

Retailing at $ a bottle, Alex Jones' "super male vitality" penis juice sponsor has no problem dropping a hundred mil on the debate of the century
Retailing at $449.85 a bottle, Alex Jones’ “super male vitality” penis juice sponsor has no problem dropping a hundred mil on the debate of the century

Dr. Duke, however, doesn’t care about the shekels – he is in it for the glory.

Duke has said he will be donating his portion of the money to charities which fight the extermination of the White race. Jones is expected to spend the money on food, illicit narcotics and expanding his massive Texas compound. Insiders close to the Jones family also believe that his Jew wife will spend a portion of the 70 million on diamonds, and send much of it to settlers in the West Bank who are reportedly short on machine guns, bulldozers and explosives.

Analaysts expect a first-round win for Duke, when Jones will either passout from exhaustion or start crying and be unable to continue the debate.

Dr. Duke also discusses the Trump immigration policy on this show.



  1. le ebin finnish bear

    His Real name is Alex Jewnes

  2. Has anyone else noticed that the “recent comments” haven’t changed for days? Are our comments even being seen? Are we wasting our time commenting or what?

  3. There was more truth spoken in that interview than 2 years of regular Kosher Jones radio shows.

  4. When this interview is over the minutes need to be totaled far less then half the time! And that’s not including the many times he was Interrupted!

  5. Alex LIES about Jewish Marriage!

    Israel Civil Marriage Ban Blocks Those Not Considered Jewish From Wedding

    A month ago, Rita Margulis and her fiancé Amit (as a career army officer he asked not to use his last name) got married at the Safari in Tel Aviv. There was a Reform rabbi and 450 guests. But according to the state of Israel, the wedding never happened.

    That is because Margulis, who immigrated to Israel from Ukraine at age 4, is not Jewish according to Jewish law, because her mother is not Jewish. Jewish law states that only someone born of a Jewish mother or who had an Orthodox Jewish conversion is Jewish. And since there is no civil marriage in Israel, anyone who is not Jewish cannot marry another Jew in Israel.

  6. Alex sure is having a lot of commercials!

  7. You should have used some one like Rocky Marciano as an example instead of the POS Nigger known an Mike Tyson…

  8. Kosher Jones’ Jewish sponsors are becoming furious, too much truth is coming out of what is supposed to be controlled opposition media.

  9. Duke is slamming Jonestein Hail Victory !

  10. DeutschlandÜberAlles

    duke starts good. alex answers: Eugenics! Hitler!

  11. The More You Know

    I’ve been listening to Jones for all of 1 minute and already have a headache.

    How can anyone tolerate that voice it’s horrible.

    • He was chosen to represent “truths”, back in the day, BECAUSE he’s so obnoxious – so most people would shake their heads and say, “Oh, so THAT’s what the 9-11 Truth Federal Reserve crowd is all about? He’s their representative. No thanks.”

  12. This is going to be epic. I hope David Duke bought some of Jones miracle cure supplements so he can keep up….

  13. Live discussion here.

    • Dr. David Duke is totally winning! Alex Jones is going to have to give in a little over the following weeks as he receives polite feedback from nice people who politely telling him that Dr. David Duke has made many valid points.
      However, some looser’s on this site need to stop bashing Alex, he is not the owner of Hollywood or the Government.
      This site should focus on making emends with Alex, and focusing on real issues.
      Not on creating more enemies for our people.
      People should focus on taking down the BBC and CNN and ABC and FOX news, Alex has awoken many of us up to the evil government. I am not saying that Alex is perfect, but he is not our enemy.
      David Duke even said he likes Alex Jones during this interview and even said he likes a lot of the things Alex exposes as well.

      • What a book. Extremely depressing at times, but well worth getting through and acquiring a solid understand the Bolshevik uprising and the years following. But most importantly the nose behind it.

  14. Get ready…

  15. Angelo John Gage

    Duke will be on at 1PM (second half)

  16. Angelo John Gage

    he just confirmed duke will on during the second hour.

  17. The Jew media can cut some Duke`s scenes talking to give the impression that Alex Jones has crushed him. I am pretty sure they will do this.

  18. I cant wait…

  19. Angelo John Gage

    i’m gonna try to call in

  20. mwahahahahaha!!!

  21. If you want a good laugh, look up “niggers get run over by white power” on youtube. enjoy 😉

  22. LOL. “Jonestown Massacre” I laughed out loud at that headline!

  23. The picture at the top with the ever present Merchants overlooking Alex Jones says it all. LOL

    I hope, if this debate happens, that David Duke will bring up the recent Jew run Oath Keepers scam of putting AR 15s in the hands of the NBPP in Ferguson in affiliation with Alex Jones.

  24. Insane Moolie Loving Jew Alex will not be able to take Dr. Duke. His voice alone will make Jones’ head explode.

  25. Le Happy Merchant $$$

    Alex Jones. You dumb moron

    Adolf Hitler reformed the German Banking system in this way: Hitler nationalized the German Central Bank. He removed it from private Jewish hands and returned it to German Governmental control. That is why Germany had a healthy growing economy when the US & UK were trapped in the Great Depression. The real reason for the Second World War was because Hitler saved the German people from Jewish Debt Slavery by nationalizing the Jewish owned & controlled German Central Bank. Within 3 years Germany went from having the weakest economy in Europe to the Strongest & was debt free, had no inflation, no trade deficit, was at full employment, and no national debt. International Jewry feared this example of what a free people could do once the shackles of Jewish Debt Slavery were removed! They destroyed him for standing up to them. That is why the Jews hated him. National socialism puts the economy, the state, everything under the nation and the goal is to best serve the nation.

    Winston Churchill said:

    Germany’s most unforgivable crime before the Second World War was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.

  26. GermanNationalist

    Puh … it’s a bit exhausting listening to Alex Jones for a longer time.

  27. I predict that Jones head will explode and he will start talking gibberish, forget the last part he talks gibberish anyway “it was the Narzis what did 911” “Hitler lives in a bunker in Argentina and is the leader of Isis”.

  28. Quite possibly the most anti-White thing I have ever seen in my life … … #WR #whitegenocide

  29. AJ will scream his jibberish.

  30. I just hope he gives Dr Duke a fair shake and does not shout him down or disrupt him too much. If it is not a respectful interview I will be disappointed.

  31. And yes!,I’d say he’s a Jude.

    • beentheredonethat

      I do not know for certain if he is a jew Nick, however his wife most certainly is and therefore so are his kids. I read an interview where his wife and her children also have Israeli passports.
      All of AJ’s main sponsors are either jews or pro Zionist corporations….literally every single one.

      • Johnny Paytoilet

        I was listening to Jones one Sunday afternoon about three years ago. He openly admitted on that program that he had plans to move his family out of the country when TSHTF! He hypes all this patriotic bullshit & encourages his listeners to be ready for whatever. You can bet when all hell breaks loose, Jones will be in a safe haven while all his supporters are getting their asses kicked trying to survive the clusterphuck.

      • That’s a jew,just look at his manner isms.

    • Well he said that stuff about looking like everyone in Wales it was kinda weird.

  32. Cuckspiracy Theorist

  33. The fat cunt looks rattled,as though he forgotten to take he’s Prozac or something,sweating,shaking and ranting..


    David Duke should bring this up. Asking him why he’s a changed his mind. Or why he only held these views for a few hours until the Jews got in his ear again.

  35. GO DR. DUKE!!!! WHOO HOOO!

  36. BTW it’s clear to me that the reason why Jones is unable to think racially and is dedicated to universalism and benevolence towards people who hate him is because he was brainwashed by Christian religious teaching as a kid.

    • Jones is a crypto married to a jewess with 3 hatchlings who have right if return to Israel. Christian Europe and only Christian Europe expelled j ews 108 times, confiscated their wealth And forbid them professions like education and medicine for our protection. Nice try shill but espousing Protocols of Zion 14 won’t work here

      • Expelling Jews does not mean that Christianity is not universal.
        Don’t confuse these things. Christians expelled Jews because they knew them to be shekel parasites and black tantra lunatics.

        Christians will still accept any black, indian, arab, chinese person and welcome them to their homeland and essentially build housings for them amongst themselves.

        Christians are also the only fucking people out there who will adopt several non-White kids and bring them up as their own.

        So, Christianity is a problem for the White race as well. Again, know the difference between hating the Jews, as we all do, and between being universal by definition.

        • Christianity is a problem.

          The Holy Scriptures are not.

        • 90% of those who claim christian act like Pagans and live as Atheist.
          Even the bible says that in the end times the Church will loose its power and become worse then Sodom and Gomorrah.
          And only the true followers of Christ Immanuel will be holy and pure.
          Revelation also says “the world church will have a sense of God, and yet will deny the very power that is God”
          Seems that your observations are right and serve to prove scripture also right.
          Then again i am not a Christians. Christian is a pagan word made up by the Roman emperor Nero. It means “little-christ” Paul rejected being called little-christ “Christian”, and he stated “I am a servant to my master”

          Truth is, christians are one of the worst groups of pagan/atheist that exist in this world.
          The Cross is also a pagan symbol that won’t be in Heaven either. The Cross saved no one, Christ living perfect for us, and then rising up is where salvation actually comes from. Not a silly tree.

    • Oh he knows alright. He just loves the spotlight and shekels that come with it too much to bring it up constantly.

      I also think it’s quite sad in a way. He genuinely believes that everyone would get along just fine without a “tyrannical government”, which is of course complete hogwash.

    • No christianity in its purest form claims hews must stop worshiping gold and accept christ as thwir savior

      Christianity is antisemetic
      Lets you know anyone identifying as a jew is a lier it was true then and its true now

    • Jew Wife is unusually quiet about his past. He likes to present himself as a “tough guy” yet he never did any of the things that “tough guys” normally do, like play HS football or enlist in the Marines. He used to talk about his Christian beliefs on occasion but since being roped into marrying that jewess he’s been pretty quiet about that, too. No doubt his mischlinge are being raised as members of the Tribe.

    • God curses jews, calls them “vipers”, “liars”, sons of satan”, etc. Read the Bible, it’s pretty “radical”.

  37. David Duke is a likely agent of the NWO globalists. They want to divide us and not unite so that we can’t genetically mix with the blacks and enjoy the enrichment therein. Because they know that this combined power is the deadly force needed to bring down their Luciferian Germanic Death Cult once and for all!

  38. LULZ! Duke and the Fatman. You can’t make this stuff up, folks ????

  39. Let the Jones start shouting. If he isn’t getting his view across he’ll just shout louder and become abusive and louder still.

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