The David Duke Show: Dissecting and Deprogramming the CNN Blitzer Ziofest Repub Debates

David Duke
December 17, 2015


Dr. Duke took a critical look at last night’s Republican presidential debate. While the focus on immigration was useful in spotlighting the open borders policies of Rubio and many others, there was an alarming amount of sabre rattling which, if actually put into practice, would mean World War Three.

Pastor Mark Dankof spelled out the implications of the “no fly zone” being called for by most Republican candidates, as well as by Hillary Clinton. Of course it would mean shooting down Russian jets, a point made explicit by Chris Christie. Only Rand Paul called him out on his insanity. Pastor Dankof explained the exasperation of Iranian and Russian observers of these “no fact zone” debates, who see the most blatent and easily disprovable lies get sold to the public as gospel.