The David Duke Show: On Mass Shootings

David Duke
June 19, 2015

cho seung-hui image obtained from the internet

Dr. Duke responded to the senseless shooting in Charleston. This kind of loss of innocent life is always a tragedy and is morally indefensible. Dr. Duke examined the role of the media in promoting violence, torture, and all kinds of sickness. It should come as no surprise that as the content of programming continues to push the envelope of indecency and sickness, the frequency of mass killings has risen in tandem. Furthermore, the media exploits mass killings in such a way as to inflame racial tensions, and in the case where the shooter is white will also use it to infuse self-hate among them.

Noting that the largest of the mass murders in recent years was the one at Virginia Tech where an Asian American shot 32 victims, Dr. Duke read a shocking poem written by one of the young man’s professors, an African American woman named Nikki Giovanni. Using the N-word repeatedly, she “poetically” called on black men to prove themselves by cutting of blond heads and urinating on them. Unbelievably, the university asked her to speak at the memorial service for the 32 victims. He and Dr. Slattery called on his listeners to wake up and realize that they have the power to overthrow the Jewish supremacist rulers of the country without any violence. We have been hypnotized into collaborating in our own repression, and we simply have to snap out of it and stop collaborating.

This show is a wake up call. Spread it around, snap your fingers, and help solve the Zio zombie over-population problem.