The David Duke Show: Rucuck Murdoch’s Call for a Jew President

David Duke
August 25, 2015


Dr. Duke talked about news that Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has called on Jewish multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg to enter the 2016 Presidential race. Dr. Duke said this illustrated the “controlled opposition” nature of Fox News, which bills itself as the defender of conservative values but actually tricks conservatives into supporting a Jewish agenda.

Then Dr. Slattery discussed a leading Professor of Russian Studies view of Donald Trump as being the least likely candidate to get into an unnecessary confrontation with Russia. Meanwhile, he called Joe Biden the most belligerent and militantly anti-Putin. They then went on to discuss examples of how prevalent anti-white racism has become, not just in the media but also in academia.

This is another show packed full of valuable information. Please share it widely.



  1. rothschild co owns half of his investments also the man is a fucking massive zionist.

    they even made a joke of it in the simpsons.

  2. “Now Ethiopia launches SPACE PROGRAMME – while receiving MILLIONS in British foreign aid”

  3. Well that’s two Jewish Candidates for this election! Bloomberg and Sanders Three if Cruz is really a Marrano like some say. The Jews are getting a LOT more bold that’s for sure! This has been what always undoes them however! Just like their father found out pride always comes before the fall!

  4. Great show, Mr. Duke.

  5. Just look at him. The rat dna clearly shows

    • Rabbi Chaim Herzog, Shliach of Chabad of Melbourne CBD poses with Dame Elisabeth Joy Murdoch AC DBE (née Greene; 8 February 1909 – 5 December 2012) She was the wife of Australian newspaper publisher Sir Keith Murdoch and the mother of American international media proprietor Rupert Murdoch. She was appointed a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire (DBE) Rupert had his circumcision done by a Mohel BTW! He is a Crypto-Jew His father got his money to start from Elisabeth’s father Rupert Greene

      Greene Anglicized form of German Grün or Yiddish Grin, Ashkenazic ornamental names meaning ‘green’

  6. Tony Blair is one of his child’s Godfather, shows the sort of company he keeps.

  7. rupert murdoch isn’t a cuck, he’s a bull. that evil jew has been cucking us for decades. also, winston churchill was an evil jew as well, that is a well established fact.

  8. rupert murdoch isn’t a cuck, he’s a bull. that evil jew has been cucking us for decades. also, winston churchill was an evil jew as well, that is a well established fact.

  9. Murdoch could not find a suitable butt-puppet in his stable of talking heads and had to call for a Jew to enter the race? They are running out of shabbos goyim.

  10. He is a jew correct? I always find it strange that he seems so liberal yet Fox is so conservative

    • Fox News only pretends to be conservative. That’s why modern conservatives who watch Fox are so empty headed and don’t even know what is really going on in the world. It’s just more zio-brainwashing, like CNN and MSNBC.

  11. I know they say Murdoch is not a Jew, but he sure is just as butt-ugly as one. Maybe it’s all of those years of being a Jewcuck that made him as disgusting-looking as one.

  12. Michael Bloomberg with 911 conspirators & World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder/ WJC is B’nai B’rith masonic Lodge)

  13. The last time I liked Fox News was around 2005. Ten Years ago.

  14. Can someone provide a link to that show he will be on?

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