The David Duke Show: The Great Debate

David Duke
August 20, 2015


Today Dr. Duke had another dynamite show. The debate has resulted in a big upswing in new visitors to, as Jones’ listeners obviously liked what Dr. Duke had to say. In his postmortem of his debate with Alex Jones he again expressed his appreciation to Jones for being invited on the show and recognized the important areas of agreement between himself and Mr. Jones, but also noted the weakness in Jones’ blindspot regarding Jewish tribal domination of our society, and by proxy of the world.

He also noted that even though Jones heavily advertised the Debate it has vanished from Jone’s website. He hopes the debate will be put back and that he won’t try to suppress the debate from his own supporters on InfoWars. Certainly they have a right to know, and if he suppresses the debate on his own site it really makes him look bad. Dr. Duke is not trying to make him look bad, but suppressing the video to his own subscribers cannot be hidden and is not worthy of him and his own opposition to political correctness!

Dr. Slattery pointed out that Jones is mis-identifying who is dividing us. Listening to Jones one would think that “leftists” are dividing Jews from Gentiles. Jewish domination of the controlling heights of our society is obvious, and Dr. Slattery contended that Jewish tribalists get the “left” to implement their social agenda just as the Jewish Neocon-dominated “right” pushes Jewish foreign policy priorities, as the Republican debates make abundantly clear.

The full HD version of the Duke-Jones debate is below. Please copy this version and repost it, and request that Alex Jones puts it back up on his site.



  1. Alex Jones is such a cuck. Beneath all his nuttiness, all he wants is an atomized society with no value higher than the dollar.

    Libertarianism + kooky secret society theories + racial cuckoldry = Alex Jones

  2. My player is totally fucked – i only see the numbers moving 😀
    But good show!

  3. His Name is YHVH

    Some observations taken while listening to the ‘interview’ that Jones quickly called a ‘debate’, but, why would it be a debate, as in, Jones advocating an “opposing view” to Duke, unless Jones admits he does have an agenda, an anti-Duuke ie anti-White agenda?

    intro/preface = great fear and respect of Duke.

    Attempt to
    placate and win over Duke by starting with “Yes Whites are under attack, but,
    so is everybody”

    Duke’s bio.

    Won’t shut

    Duke’s past as a, KKK Grand dragon,
    repeatedly, and brings this up ad nauseum by stating that he will “not” bring
    it up.

    Jew-lover Fat Joker “YOUR White perspective”; he just confessed he is not on
    the side of Whites.

    Every White
    person should watch the movie “The Thing” to better understand Jewish
    controlled opposition, infiltration, cohentel, and provocateur. The infiltrate,
    copy their host victim, and to better achieve this Jewish people invented
    plastic surgery, they mirror and mimic, and wreck havoc working all individuals
    and factions against each other, to destroy everyone by their own arms, and
    achieve last man standing supremacy.

    Jones “We
    should open the phones, people can call in, people that disagree with him,
    people that agree with him.”

    first priority and true objective, agree the façade of neutrality.

    points out that MTV promotes androgeny, and says this is “beyond” what Duke
    promotes, but FAILS to mention MTV is owned by the Jew Sumer Redstone,
    Rothstein. Just one example of his deliberate obfuscation.

    Jones ‘It’s
    anti-human”, yes Jones, it is, but what you’re not saying is 1. Jews are the
    ones who are anti-human, and 2. Human is a paleo Hebrew word that means none
    other than “spirit man” and applies ONLY to the WHITE RACE! Only Whites are
    hu-man, and who else but the White race has invented A-NY-THING on this earth?

    “Whoever the ruling power are, they are using divide and control”.

    Yes, “they”
    are, and they are the Jew, the effete, weak, cowardly and scared Wizard of z
    hiding behind the curtain. And by the way Wizard of Oz was written by a Jew,
    who encouraged Whites to exterminate all American Indians, reference, March of
    the Titans.

    reference to KKK ‘pointed hats’.

    reference, Senator Burn fellow granddragon.

    Jones keeps
    trying to get Duke to spend all his 10 minutes talking about Blacks and


    fighting with words or with swords, ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!

    Duke spent
    40% of his 10 minutes to talk about how he supported anti-abortion laws, ie, He
    is also helping blacks, and then Whites are victims too. All useless. He should
    have ATTACCKED by pointing out that it is JEWS who are pushing baby-murder, of
    all races, and it is JEWS who are pushing sexual deviancy and transgenderism.

    It took
    Duke 50% of his 10 minute talk-time before he started to talk about Whites are
    the true victims, and FINALLY started to point out it is JEWS who are

    Dude, Duke,
    you don’t spend half your time on defense.

    The Django
    actor, that nigger brute beast uga enosh, was prior in a movie with Collin
    Ferral, yes, feral, depicting Feral the Jew and the Nigger doing a home
    invasion of a White family and executing the father, the mother, and yes also
    the children.

    Duke failed
    to mention there were far more White slaves than blacks and Whites were treated
    far worse, as they were “free” whereas blacks had to be bought in Africa from
    other blacks. The word “kidnap” comes from kid-nab, nab is British talk that
    means “grab” or snatched, from the practice of kidnapping children in Ireland
    and poor White children in England, and selling them in Amerrica.

    suffered from slavery far worse than any other race, and the very word slave
    comes from “Slav” and the Muslim practice of kidnapping White women. The
    Tartars for instance, and hence we have the English word “tart” meaning savage.
    Why don’t you look up the Janissaries and learn about Whites as slaves. The
    number one city in the world today for White sex slavery is Tel Aviv, who would
    have guessed, and number 2 is Mumbai.

    9th reference to KKK

    refers to Duke as “ilk”

    Jones “I’m
    NOT saying it’s a Nazi conspiracy”

    Rhetorics illiterate.

    “unscreened phones” = screened phones.

    Jones “You
    need to try prostaguard today”.



    reference to KKK

    Jones tries to use divide and conquer tactic, saying he wants to get some black
    supremacist up to ‘debate’ Duke, as if nigers can debate. His tactic is to take
    attention away from Jews by trying to get anyone, Blacks or Mexicans to argue
    with Whites. The problem is not Duke or Blacks or Mexicans, Mexicans are not
    putting fluoride in water or giving latin American catholics abortions, blacks
    are not bombing Palestinians or encouraging whites to go to war in Syria. IT’S

    Duke “They
    took control by deceibt”. Perhaps he should have mentioned JFK’s final speech
    before getting shot.

    invokes the sacred niger “I have a dream that people will be judged not by the
    colour of their skin but by the content of their character”.

    Yeah, we do
    judge blacks by their actions, every day, with every black on white murder,
    rape, home invasion, etc.

    It is not a
    coincidence that niggardly means selfish, result of ‘content of character’.

    Jew shill
    Jones says a ‘race baced system’ is bad. Excuse me you ignoramus and allow me
    to educate the illiterate who can’t read and write. A race based system is a
    nation based system. Nation means race. Look it up. Nation, etymology from
    Latin, natio, meaning race. Furthermore, a “patriot” is a racist, patriot, from
    patrius, father land, from father, pater familia, padre, pitar. A patriot is
    someone who loves his forefathers, his race, by definition is a racist.
    Thirdly, Merriam Webster dictionary prior to 1960 before Jews got control of
    immigration, defined a “racist” as “someone who loves their race”. A
    nationalist is someone who advocates the interest of their nation. By
    definition, a racist, is someone who advocates the interests of his race and
    the survival and betterment of his race. EVERYONE who loves their own family
    more than strangers, is by definition a racist. If a person does not love their
    own father and mother and ancestors and people, then there is something wrong
    with them and they need to be quarantined.

    Jones “Rob
    Jacobson is my boss, David”.

    Jones works
    for a Jew, by his own on air admission, that he claimed deceibtfully and
    repeatedly were “not screened”, but then has Rob come on air pretending to be a

    Jones =
    Employee = One who is used, such as, we are employing a keyboard to type, = Jew


    Bohemian Groove, where Jones was invited in through the front door to watch
    real child sacrifice, and then claimed that he “crashed” the place.

    Duke should
    have mentioned that you can see videos of Israeli soldiers sniping Palestinian
    children and laughing about it.

    Duke should
    have brought up the Jew’s tactic of controlled opposition and gate keepers,
    which is exactly what the Drudge report and Rense and Henry Makow is all about.

    word games, jewish sophistry, fork tongued, serpent tongued, double speak,
    Hegelian dialectic,

    Christ is not a kike. John 8:44, John 8:47 go FUCKING READ IT a thousand times until you
    get it.

    DAVID was
    not a kike. David and his Amalekites waged war against the Jews and
    exterminated cities that practiced sodomy, bestiality, child sacrifice, and
    today’s Amalekites/Americans don’t even know who they are.

  4. Good on Mr Duke,and fuck you fatso!.

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