The Dems Might Pick Beto. You’d Better Do Something, Donald.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2019

A challenger hath appeared.

Beto held a rally last night against Trump’s rally in Texas.


If Beto O’Rourke runs for president, he should thank President Donald Trump for the kick in the pants.

For three months, O’Rourke had drifted in and out of public view, slipping slightly in public opinion polls as he vacillated on a 2020 bid.

But Trump’s appearance in O’Rourke’s hometown on Monday night served to elevate the former Texas congressman as a potential rival. And as Trump confronted O’Rourke at a campaign-style rally on an issue central to both of their political identities — immigration and the border wall — O’Rourke seized the opportunity to re-establish his footing.

“Yeah, I’m back in the mix around an issue that could not be more important for our country and for our community,” he told POLITICO before addressing thousands of screaming supporters at a baseball field steps from the coliseum where Trump was redoubling his call for a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

To oppose Trump’s agenda, O’Rourke said, “All of us right now have a responsibility to do all that we can, and this is me doing my best.”

If O’Rourke was testing Democrats’ appetite for his potential candidacy, the signs he saw on Monday were reaffirming — beginning with a march to the rally that was so thick with supporters that organizers linked arms in a circle around O’Rourke and his family to keep them moving through the crowd. Young Democrats rushed the line, wearing “Viva Beto!” buttons and hoisting “Beto 2020” signs. Chants of “Beto, Beto” echoed under freeway overpasses as O’Rourke and the throng passed through.

“You did good, El Paso!” O’Rourke said when he arrived at the baseball field on a cold, windswept night. “We have so much to give, so much to show the rest of the country, and we’re doing it right now.”

The speech — and O’Rourke’s promotion of it beforehand — marked a pivot for O’Rourke from a contemplative period of wayfaring to a more traditional brand of campaign politics following his closer-than-expected loss to Republican Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race last year.

Engaging the president on the wall, O’Rourke did not retreat to his online journal or livestream a conversation with his dental hygienist about life on the border, as he did last month. Nor did he break for the interstate for a soul-searching journey through the Southwest.

Instead, O’Rourke did what any Democrat tilting toward a run for president might do. He participated in a conference call with reporters Monday afternoon, before Trump arrived for his campaign rally here. Then he timed his speech to bracket Trump’s appearance, ensuring side-by-side coverage.

I have said that I think that Kamala is the most likely pick. I said that months and months ago. And I still think it’s true. Probably. Because of how the primary system works, and the anti-white male hate that has been ramped up, I don’t see how it is possible for the Democrats to push through a white male candidate.

However, if they do figure out how to do that, Beto will almost certainly win.

And I think that there are enough top Jews remaining in the Democrat Party that there is a chance they will be able to manipulate whatever needs manipulating to get him as the nominee. It is going to be quite a contortionist maneuver, but they may well be able to pull it off.

I do not know.

The media would have to turn against Kamala aggressively, and you would also probably have to have some kind of rigging done by the DNC itself, in the way they did that to Bernie last time. The difference is, Bernie took it lying down, and I just don’t see Kamala doing that.

This is an angry, angry woman.

Furthermore, the media itself is obsessed with the browning agenda, and isn’t going to want to back Beto. Yes, the media is controlled and so on, but it is controlled in the sense that it is lined with people who all agree with a single agenda. You could replace all of those people if you were a council of the fewer than 10 Jews who control 95% of the media, but that isn’t something you could do in a matter of months.

Trump is acting like he believes Kamala is going to be the nominee. She is totally unhinged, she is virulent, she is aggro and vindictive. And her visage is repulsive. And she’s a woman. There is no way she can win. And her being the nominee means that Trump doesn’t really have to try very hard.

He has apparently done focus-groups on how people respond to his continual claims that the wall is being built – fact check: it isn’t – and he thinks he can just run on making that claim rather than actually doing it.

But that isn’t going to work against Beto.

Beto would have beat him in 2016. This will be a real fight. And he will require full power from his base, or he will lose.

I almost hope Beto is the nominee, as that will make Trump move. He will not have any choice, unless he wants to go down in history as the biggest failure ever.

Furthermore, he is almost certainly going to go to prison if he loses the election. At the very least, he will be forced in front of humiliating trials and have all of his wealth stripped from him, and be officially declared a Russian agent. Even if he escapes prison, they are going to make sure to destroy him in every way conceivable.

But… I don’t know that Trump could beat Beto, even if he started making moves. Probably, he could not at this point.

Social Media Stranglehold

Trump has allowed social media to completely strangle out all supporters of his.

The reason Alex Jones was kicked off of everything was not because of Sandy Hook. Sandy Hook was six years ago, and he was talking about it at the time on these platforms – and no one called for him to be banned for it at the time. Since then, he’s renounced the belief that it was a hoax. They just brought that up as a reason to ban a prominent Trump supporter.

And now you have black Proud Boys being banned. The black guy from the Proud Boys didn’t say Sandy Hook was a hoax. He is just a normal Trump-supporter. But they inexplicably call him a “white supremacist” and ban him.

In the run-up to the election, literally everyone who supports Trump is going to be kicked off of these platforms, down to the rando boomercon – who will of course respect the rights of a private company to ban whoever they want.

The only right-wing guy who is going to be allowed to remain on social media is David Duke, who has somehow missed all of these bans. Because the media likes quoting him as this supervillain of the boomer age. The other supervillain Richard Spencer will also remain. Obviously I support both of these men having a right to be on social media, it’s simply very obvious that they’ve kept them on there because they’ve made them into villains they can quote for their own agenda. Obviously, the media doesn’t believe that the black Proud Boys guy is a bigger white supremacist than the evil Klan leader David Duke who was just featured as a main character in an Oscar-nominated film.

Everyone would have supported Trump if he’d told the FCC to regulate these companies, but he didn’t do it. He just tweeted about it. Now, he’s got a serious electioneering problem. He might even lose to Kamala because of social media – who knows.

I wish Tucker or one of these shows that Trump watches would say the obvious fact that with 100% of Trump supporters banned, he is going to have an incredibly difficult time winning an election. He would really have to act like, tomorrow, to try to reverse this, because it would end up in the courts. There is precedent, however, given that case where the guy sued Trump for blocking him and won. That means by default that the reverse is true. But it would probably have to go to the Supreme Court. Anyway, just ordering the FCC to do it would be a major thing and would cause these companies to be more careful about bannings, probably.

Google already said they were going to stop him from getting elected again, which should have triggered a criminal investigation of the company by the feds, and executions for sedition.

Instead it triggered an interview with the head of Google before Congress where he said he forgets the memo.

That wasn’t followed up on.

I Don’t Know

It’s all so ridiculous and disgusting.

But mark my words: if Trump loses, they are going to hunt people down.

The Roger Stone raid was the roll-out of a new 1984 type system, and they are going to round people up for supporting Donald Trump – or anything else right-wing – and claim they are Russian agents. They might just go ahead and do that after 2020 even if Trump wins.

What is he gonna do?

He ain’t gonna do nothin’.