The Dersh and the Foxman Mourn the Pitiful Plight of the Eternally Innocent Jew

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2015

You would think with the charges of underage sex slaving against him, Alan Dershowitz would be lying low. Prince Andrew is lying low. But Jews don’t blush, so I guess there is no need to lie low.

He is instead becoming even more public than he was before the accusations. He has appeared on a Newsmax segment with Abe Foxman, where they mourn the pitiful plight of the poor Jews, and, for whatever reason, blame it all on Jimmy Carter.

The Dersh literally says that Carter has “the blood of thousands” on his hands because he had a couple of meetings with Arafat.

Also note that by appearing with the Dersh, the Foxman is saying “I stand with him” regardless of the fact that he probably is aware that the charges are not as outrageous as the Dersh claims, given that he was indeed very close to Epstein, and that Epstein’s sexcapades were hardly secret among his inner-circle.

Wacky stuff. I recommend watching the clip. It really does fully capture the racial soul of the Jew. As one commenter has said about clips of the Dersh, “we will show this to future generations when we are explaining to them what a Jew is.”