The Fatherland – Episode 129: My Wife’s Baseball Team

Jim Vicar
The Right Stuff
June 3, 2018

This week! Jews eating kosher pigs and wandering through Epcot! Jim has a new podcast project! And we get an email from “Greg”!


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Host: Jim
The Mannerbund: Keigh S. Keats
Guest: Goydee Ree
Intern: Borzoi

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Hour 1

  • Sick babies
  • The Wandering Jew (of Epcot)
  • Pigs in Israel
  • Louisiana cruise
  • Real grill online
  • Jim’s Racist Drive-in Drive-a-rama
  • Jim likes Tyler Perry. Seriously.
  • Weihan


Hour 2

  • Donations
  • Mail
  • Jim’s Big Move
  • Letters from “Greg”
  • Animals


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