The Fatigue is Real: Car Plows Through Antwon Protesters Blocking Street

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 24, 2018

So the niggers go out and block the street because a drive-by shooter was fleeing the cops and got shot.

Then the cops refuse to remove the niggers from the road.

This is going to eventually cause people to snap.


Protesters angry over the death of an unarmed teen who was shot by police this week marched Friday for the third straight night down the streets of downtown Pittsburgh.

Four people were arrested as hundreds of demonstrators blocked streets, Allegheny County Police Superintendent Coleman McDonough said.

Police are looking for a black sedan that drove through the crowd late Friday, said Chris Togneri, the city spokesman. No injuries were reported, he said.

Protesters were near PNC Park, where fans were leaving a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, when the car drove through, CNN affiliate KDKA reported.

Hundreds were blocking the road, police decide to arrest four.

At least they didn’t make it a priority to catch the guy who lost his shit and just ran the niggers right over.

The entire situation of niggers in America is reaching new levels of absolute absurdity each and every hour.

People are beginning to snap.

Permit Patty is an example of this inability to continue to cope with this ongoing nigger situation.

As is the refusal of people to go to Starbucks and hang out with a bunch of homeless crackhead niggers.

Just so is the event of someone crashing a car through a bunch of niggers blocking his path.

What Exactly do These Niggers Even Want?

Does anyone even know what these niggers want?

I guess they just want to be able to do drive-by shootings in peace without being molested by cops?

But then when the cops pull out of their neighborhoods and just let them kill each other, African tribe style, they whine about that.

So what the hell do they even want?

I mean if there were some kind of clear demands here, we could negotiate.

But the thing is these people are so stupid, they don’t even understand the concept of making demands and negotiating from that point.

It is pathological to engage a people protesting who do not have demands. A protest without demands is simply a riot.

Of course if you asked them what their demand is, they would say “justice for Antwon” – but that is already happening. The officer has been put on leave, the incident will be investigated. Probably, it will be determined that Antwon had been involved in a drive-by shooting, the officer had reason to believe he was armed, and acted within the appropriate bounds by shooting him when he fled.

Of Course

I support these black riots.

They ARE indeed waking people up. Just like the Starbucks crowd was woke up to what it means to share their SWPL safe space in the coffee shop with a bunch of nigger crackheads.

The working class of whites already knows the deal with black people. They have always known.

The young middle class of whites that has been educated on the internet already knows the deal with black people – we made sure of that over the last six years of meme warfare since the Trayvon incident.

Our goal is for the rest of white people to learn the deal.

And these black riots help that learning process.

Which is why there are fewer of them now than there were under Obama. The monied left that funds these riots learned that they were not having a positive effect on white consciousness. Obama’s endorsement of these riots is a big part of why people voted for Trump. Lawlessness is generally unpopular with white people, it turns out.

So my whole thing is: go ahead and riot, niggers.

This one in particular is great, because the “gud boi who dindu nuffin” was literally involved in a drive-by shooting minutes before he ran from the cops!