The Final Straw Just Broke and Trump is Finally Exposed as a KGB Shill

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2019

This is it, guys.

It’s over.

They got him now.

This is top, breaking, very important news, because soon it will be proved that Trump is an agent working directly for the KGB and he and his entire family will go to prison for destroying democracy in America in the name of Russia, for the purpose of… stopping global democracy and so on and so forth.

New York Times:

Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who in 2016 met with Trump campaign officials in Trump Tower, was charged on Tuesday in a separate case that showed her close ties to the Kremlin.

Ms. Veselnitskaya was charged by federal prosecutors in New York with seeking to thwart a Justice Department civil fraud investigation into money laundering that involved an influential Russian businessman and his investment firm.

The case was not directly related to the Trump Tower meeting. But a federal indictment returned in Manhattan seemed to confirm that Ms. Veselnitskaya had deep ties to senior Russian government officials.

The indictment charges that after the Justice Department asked the Russian government to assist its investigation, the Russian government refused, responding with a letter that purported to exonerate Russian officials and the firm’s personnel.

The indictment says Ms. Veselnitskaya had secretly cooperated with a senior Russian prosecutor in drafting the Russian response, which was filed in federal court in Manhattan. “In doing so, Veselnitskaya obstructed the civil proceeding,” the indictment charged.

Ms. Veselnitskaya, 43, is believed to be in Russia, according to the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, which moved to unseal the indictment on Tuesday. The office gave no indication that it expected her to be sent to Manhattan to face charges.

The new indictment again raises questions about whom Ms. Veselnitskaya was representing when she met with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and others at Trump Tower in Manhattan during the campaign.

That meeting is one focus of the special counsel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. It was organized after an intermediary promised that Ms. Veselnitskaya would deliver documents that would incriminate Hillary Clinton.

Last April, Ms. Veselnitskaya acknowledged in an interview with NBC News that she was not merely a private lawyer, but a source of information for the Russian prosecutor general, Yuri Y. Chaika.

Now prosecutors say she collaborated clandestinely with that office to write an official letter than benefitted her client, the investment firm Prevezon Holdings Ltd., and its owner, Denis P. Katsyv, in the Justice Department’s civil fraud case.

For years, Ms. Veselnitskaya has been regarded as a trusted insider and go-to lawyer for the Moscow regional government.

There is this word, “incel” – it means “involuntary celibate,” and implies that the person has been victimized by society.

There needs to be a word for an involuntary receiver of constant updates about how Trump is a Russian agent. It is an absolute assault on the mind, and it’s been going on for years, and the brain has this need to seek closure and organize things. But none of it actually makes any sense and they just keep hitting you with it, nonstop, forever.

I know that I am in a way contributing to it by reporting on it, but I have to. It’s like mutually assured destruction. They talk so much about Russia that they force everyone else to talk about it all the time.

It is an assault.

What exactly are we even supposed to think about this top news story, other than some vague thing of a bizarre plot by Donald Trump to work with Vladimir Putin to become President so he wouldn’t start a World War as Hillary was planning to do? How exactly does a meeting with a Russian lawyer – which was not a secret, which no one even tried to make secret, and which it has been confirmed had no productive result because the woman did not have any information about Russia, fit into this vague plot?

What does any of this have to do with anything?

This meeting was arranged by a British Jew. Nothing happened because she didn’t have any information about Hillary Clinton, and just wanted to use the meeting as an opportunity to complain about the US treatment of Russia.

If anything, this situation disproves the theory of any alleged plot. Because if you had a secret plot, why would you have a pointless public meeting with a lawyer who has known connections to Russian government officials – and was also, apparently, involved in criminal money laundering? Why would Russia, the plotter, send this woman, and why would Trump, the other plotter, be involved in it? Why would it be arranged by a British Jew music producer?

Is this the way spycraft works? Had no one from the entire government ever watched a spy movie? How is a nation that runs its spy operations like this still exist?

How is it that none of these details can even theoretically be arranged into a plot, and yet we have to hear, every single day, about how they are part of a plot, and yet we are never even given a theoretical explanation as to how this plot fits together?

It’s insulting.

This ongoing Russia-Trump conspiracy theory promoted by the media is mass-scale abuse, causing vast trauma the people.