The First World War Was Caused By The Repression Of Nationalism

Diversity Macht Frei
November 12, 2018

The anniversary of WW1 Armistice Day has again brought to light the standard falsification of history in our ruling class: they blame it on nationalism.

This belief forms the intellectual underpinning for the genocidal catastrophe they are inflicting on their own peoples through immigration and enforced diversity.

It is, however, the absolute opposite of the truth. The First World War was not caused by nationalism. It was caused by the repression of nationalism. Nationalism, the wish to live in secure territory of your own with others of your own kind, is not an ideology or political philosophy. It is a core human instinct, fundamentally the same instinct that causes immigrants to congregate in ghettoes with others of the same faith, skin colour or national origin; and the same instinct that causes us to “white flight” away from them.

The First World War arose from tensions that emerged from within transnational empires through repression of the subject people’s patriotic instincts. No matter how hard rulers tried to instill an artificial patriotism based around the empire or royal house, it could never be an acceptable substitute for the magnetic forces of genetic empathy.

No entity embodied the folly of this transnational dream more perfectly than the Hapsburg Austro-Hungarian empire. A cockpit of resentful nationalities compelled to endure an unwanted togetherness, it provided the spark that lit the flames in Sarajevo. It also inspired the ethno-nationalist visions of Hitler and Theodor Herzl. Their experience of growing up in this failed experiment in diversity convinced them that anti-nationalism could never work and that each people needed a land of its own.

What an irony it is then that our rulers have responded to this catastrophic failure by attempting to recreate the conditions that led up to it. The European Union is the Habsburg Empire reborn. The pseudo-patriotism of “muh values,” “muh citizenship,” and “muh economy” is just a modern incarnation of the scorned imperial attachments of old.

It is perhaps the supreme tragedy of European history that our rulers responded to the twin catastrophes of the World Wars by completely misinterpreting what gave birth to them, misjudging their policies accordingly.

History, distilled down to its essentials, is simply this. People want to live, secure and free, in a land of their own with others of their own kind. Outsiders come in and attempt to take their resources from them, whether of land or of movable wealth. Imperial overlords, ambitious to control as many resources as possible, develop ideologies that justify this intrusion into the natural order of people living freely and securely in their own land. They impose these ideologies by force on a trans-national basis, beyond the natural ethnic limits of patriotism. Patriots resist these ideologies and their forceful imposition and attempt to regain control of a physical space for their own kind.

Almost all of history can be made to fit within this simple paradigm. The only thing that changes significantly is the nature of the ideology used to justify disruption of the natural ethnic order. And, unfortunately, we have not escaped history. We are still living through it, forced to wrestle with the latest mad justification from the powerful for forcing people to live with others they don’t want to live with and having their noses rubbed in diversity.

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  1. If any brand of “nationalism” is to blame for WWI, it was jewish nationalism. Even jews are on record on this:

    But yes, imperialism, i.e. extending a Nation’s influence over the affairs of other nations through political power and military force is what caused WWI, besides (((finance capitalism))) and jewish media manipulation of public opinion, pretending the passengers on the Lusitania dindu nuffin. Funny how America always gets dragged into these bullshit wars over boats sinking, from the Spanish-American war all the way to Vietnam. But of course when jews legitimately sink one of our boats on purpose, we have to give them a pass.

  2. Macron looks like a Dickensian villain. I certainly wouldn’t trust him to babysit my adopted teenage male niglets.

  3. Hussar says:

    The Great War never lived up to its goal of preventing more…

    I had a great grandfather who caught some mustard gas during that wretched time in our history.

    I had grandfathers who fought against the japs during the 1940’s.

    I know who the true enemy is & I fight against it!

    It is not the jap nor the German…

  4. The Sarajevo Crime was instigated by Freemasons who wanted to get rid of monarchies and establish a “League of Nations” which would become in time a one world government. WWI was plotted by internationalists seeking global power.

    Nationalism “caused” WWI the same way that the monarchies were “responsible” for the war. That is to say, conspiratorial enemies of mankind planned the attack on the monarchies (by assassination), they decided to start a world war to defend Serbia’s sponsorship of assassination. For the Orwellian BBC/NPC mind: War Guilt = Christian monarchies existing.

  5. Both WWI & II were orchestrated by the Jews. Using both their financial wealth and their media ownership to foment war-enthusiasm and to muffle critics and to deceive the democratic powers of the People, both wars were achieved by the jews through the corruption of the democratic process, not by the democratic process, itself.

    Some time into the war, prior to 1917, the British side wasn’t fairing too well. In fact, they were losing badly, virtually beaten, out of ammunition and very low on food supplies. The French and Russians, also, had suffered an enormous number of casualties and what was left of their forces were in disarray. But regardless of these conditions, in Summer of 1916, Germany offered to end the war with Britain; a negotiated settlement offering the return to the status quo as it had been before the war. Clearly, a magnanimous gesture.

    At the very same time the Brits were considering the Germany’s generous offer of peace, the jews, who settled in Germany had prospered and had become an integral part of the German landscape. But instead of supporting their adopted homeland, they secretly betrayed their adopted host. Jews afterall, are internationalists. They betray every country foolish enough to give them entrance. Jews saw a way they could benefit as jews if they could bring America into the conflict. They offered Britain an alternate plan. Before the generous peace deal offered by Germany to Britain could be settled, jews plotted and collaborated with the Brits and made a deal with them. They promised to pursuade the Americans to enter the war, to join the Brits against the Germans if the Brits would promise to give the jews, Palestine, in order to establish a jewish homeland, hence the signing of the Balfour Declaration of 1917 agreeing to do just that. An agreement in which Britain gave the jews land they had no right to give, land already promised to Trans-Jordan upon the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. Regardless, the British leaders accepted the jews’ offer and the jews did their dirty work. They controlled the US President, and had enough media control to successfully trick America into WW1.

  6. Nationalism places high priority on the well-being of the nation-state and its traditional residents. It is inward-looking, rather than outward. It tends toward economic independence and autonomy rather than globalization and inter-connectedness. It typically supports and strengthens the dominant ethnicity and culture, and largely ignores that of minorities. There are strong nationalist movements in many countries around the world today. Nationalism has been smeared because it shines sunlight on the parasites. The loudest opposition to nationalism comes from jews, liberals, Marxists, and anarchists. The jews project that Nationalism was the cause of both the First and Second World Wars. We know differently. It was the jews themselves that incited these wars in order to remove as many White Europeans from the world as possible. Nationalism is a modern phenomenon originating in Europe. Only nation-states founded on the principle of national self-determination are legitimate.

  7. Great article. I was at a commemoration yesterday and made a point there: “No more wars for Israel!”

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