The Gas Must Flow: Putin Finally Realizes His Turk Stream Dream

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

Pop open the champagne. It is finally done.


Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday participated in an official ceremony marking the completion of the offshore section of the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline.

The offshore section of the pipeline, which is 930km (578 miles) and runs along the bottom of the Black Sea, is designed to deliver Russian gas to the Turkish market. Russia’s Gazprom began construction of the section in May 2017.

The deputy chairman of Gazprom’s board of directors, Alexander Medvedev, said earlier that in the near future the company would finally determine the route of the second line. According to him, two main options are being discussed in accordance with the procedures in the European Union and the European Commission. Medvedev cited Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary as potential markets.

So it’s finally over.

This, coupled with Nord Stream II means that Russia has finally accomplished a geopolitical pipe-dream that was decades in the making.

If nothing else, Putin can put this feather in his cap and retire at the end of his last term having undeniably accomplished something big and incontestably game-changing for Russia.


From Turkey, the gas will flow onwards to the power-starved Balkans and to Italy – potentially.

With no transit states taking their cut along the way, the gas will be cheaper and more consistent.

Everyone along the old route is going to take a big hit though. But that’s on them. Russia was content to allow them to steal a little bit of gas and to get subsidies for good behavior. But they took a sweet deal and flushed it down the toilet, and now they’re fucked. 

We shan’t name names, lest we offend anybody. But they know who they are.


People like to give Putin shit because of the domestic situation in Russia. That’s fine, we should level criticism where criticism is needed, but Putin has always been an outward-looking president, trying to stabilize Russia’s shaky geopolitical position in the world first and foremost (given both Russia’s history and the current Jew push for globalism, the logic of this is self-explanatory).

On that front, he’s done pretty well, considering the odds against him.

Let’s take a look at what he’s accomplished so far.

  • Russia and China are inching closer to a formal alliance.
  • He’s working on finally shoring things up with the Japanese and a possible gas pipeline there as well.

  • He turned a hostile state (Turkey) into a neutral state, and now an ally. Because of Russian diplomacy, that pipeline got built.
  • He’s reaching out to populist parties in Europe – a good effort so far, but one that can still go any which way.
  • He’s close to closing out the Nord Stream II deal. The pipeline inches closer and closer to Germany as we speak.
  • Syria’s been a fun 2-year-long Jihadi curb-stomp.

To be fair, he’s had his fair share of failures. Ukraine stands out as the largest among them. Now Russia has a hostile state on its borders. Meanwhile, the Baltics are riling themselves up into an apoplectic fit and nothing seems to have been done about that. And yeah, Poland seems hell-bent on being NATO’s battering ram against Russia…


Few people realize how good of a diplomat this guy and his State Dept. storm team are. They’ve managed to turn half of Russia’s enemies into neutrals and half of those neutrals into allies.

That ain’t bad.

With these pipelines, he’s leaving his successor with a far better hand than the one that was dealt him 18 years ago.

But idk why I’m even talking about that. Putin’s got until 2024 (at the very least), giving him more time to keep playing than even most Russian Czars ever did.

Let’s see what else he has up his sleeve.