The Goyim are Not the Least Bit Excited for Shlomo’s Next Big War

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 13, 2018

The BBC just put out a dumb hoax video about an alleged 2013 gassing by Assad, trying to stimulate the emotions of the stupid goyim.

Based on the comments on YouTube (one of the last free comment zones on the normie web), their plan isn’t working.

Here are all the comments that are visible without clicking “more comments” right now:

I just can’t imagine you could find a single person on the planet who isn’t a Jew or a Sunni Moslem who is going to say “yeah, we really need to invade Syria because of these gassings that are totally violating human rights and so on.”

I just can’t imagine what that person would be like. I can’t picture them.

I can picture of the eternal boomer, of course, but even he has gotten so tired of this. The Bush wars, followed by the Obama wars, and all of the hell that came down on America during the same period, has removed all of his enthusiasm for wars against the Moslems.

And beyond simply being against these wars, people are at the point where they are blaming the Jews for them, openly. At least they’re blaming Israel.

The best part is that the Jews themselves seem blissfully unaware of all of this. The don’t seem to be registering how much has changed his 2003 when the Bush tool marched us into Iraq, and they think they can use this exact same playbook – right down to the concerned conservative minority at the UN.

Trump has to know that his own support base is going to fall apart if he goes along with the Jews here.

And he has to understand that there is no real pressure. The media pressure is an illusion. The people do not believe this media anymore, and at this point, they’re not even phased by the attempted emotional blackmail in the form of these pictures of children. It just registers as “oh, there’s the media calling for another war.”

But here we are again.

Another day has passed without an attack on Syria.

And we’ve got no weird tweets recently.

In fact we’ve had good tweets.

The Problem Tho

The thing here is that the Jews are really, really deadset on a war in Syria and ultimately a war with Russia, and if this latest gas hoax doesn’t work – and it looks like it did not work, as of right now – then they’ll just do something worse.

The Skripal thing also fell apart. But no one is being blamed for that. So they’ll do something worse in terms of a Russian false flag in the West too.

And Trump has not framed this in such a way as he can stand up to the Jews if there are, you know, Americans killed and the entire media is blaming Russia.

That’s what I think is coming next.

This final, cleansing war may simply be inevitable.