The India-Pakistan Thing is Actually Part of a Bigger Thing

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2018

Pakistan and India have been shooting at each other again. Most people don’t care or actually want to see nukes go off because that’d be actually interesting.

And I can see why. It’s all rather boring unless you step back and look at the huge tectonic shifts happening in the region. The whole situation is complicated AF, but once you understand just how many entangling alliances are at work behind the scenes of this Paki/Hindi spat, the picture becomes somewhat clearer.

Briefly, off the top of my head: China supports Pakistan and props them up against India. India and China don’t get along over territorial disputes, but India and Pakistan particularly hate each other because of the Moslem/Hindu split.

The Chessboard.

America played nice with Pakistan because they wanted their help against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Now though, America is switching tacks and trying to make an alliance with the Taliban, to throw them against Iran from the East.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has always been supported and harbored by Pakistan.

This means that Iran and India all of a sudden have a reason to be good friends. Furthermore, Russia has historically sided with India in this region more than the other powers. They have been selling them lots of weapons in the last year. Almost as if they know something big is about to go down.

Moving along, there is proof that something Semitic is afoot in the ‘Stans. Israel has been rooting around in Afghanistan and there are rumors about secret high-level meetings between Paki and Israeli military higher-ups. Furthermore, the Saudis have been pumping huge amounts of money into Pakistan’s crumbling economy.

These actions all become quite easy to understand if you know what the goal of Israel and the United States and Saudi Arabia is: to take out Iran.

Does the India-Pakistan flare-up have anything to do with this?

Probably. But it’s too early to know all the details yet.

In general, it’s like a switch was turned on in 2019. All these old Neocon plans were suddenly given the green light and put into motion. In South America, you have the Venezuela invasion being prepped, followed by Nicaragua and, presumably, Cuba after that.

Meanwhile, the vise is closing in around Iran and pressure being put on Iran’s lone natural ally in the region: India.