The Infostormer Episode 10: Alt-Lite Shills Exposed as Neo-Con Zionists

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2018

The amount of shilling from a number of Alt-Lite aka Merchant Right aka Alt-Kike personalities supporting the protests in Iran is off the charts. In particular, Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, Jack Posobiec aka “Rat Fucker Jack” and Stefan Molyneux have gone full blown Neo-Con Zionist in supporting these protests.

The protests are specifically engineered to overthrow the Iranian government in the name of Israel and international Zionism. The protests have nothing to do with freedom or democracy. Only a Jew or a complete shill would be supporting the anti-government activities in Iran right now.

These Alt-Lite personalities are literally saying the same exact things about these protests that people like Bill Kristol, John McCain and Benjamin Netanyahu are saying.

I spend this entire show dissecting their statements and exposing these fools for their support of this Zionist agenda to overthrow the Iranian government.

These people have all sold their souls to the big Jew and are willfully lying to their audiences in order to support the agenda of international Jewry.