The Infostormer Episode 14: Immigration Reform and the Russia Kookspiracy End Game

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 26, 2018

Here’s episode 14 of the Infostormer podcast.

The following topics and more are discussed.

  • Aftermath of the government shutdown.
  • DACA beaner monkeys protesting Jew Chuck Schumer for political failure on DACA amnesty.
  • Negotiations on DACA and immigration reform.
  • Environmentalists counter signaling the border wall.
  • How third world populations fail to take care of their natural surroundings.
  • The latest in the conspiracy to hoax a Russian conspiracy against Donald Trump.
  • Five months of missing FBI text messages.
  • Kikes blaming #ReleaseTheMemo on Russians.
  • Latest weirdness with the Alt-Lite aka Merchant Right aka Alt-Kike.