The Infostormer Episode 18: The Renewed Jewish War on Gun Rights

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2018

Episode 18 of the Infostormer podcast focuses primarily on the Florida school shooting incident and how it has renewed the Jewish war on gun rights and the Second Amendment.

Specific topics covered are as follows.

  • Failure of law enforcement at all levels to respond to tips about the Florida school shooter.
  • Cowards in law enforcement refusing to engage the shooter.
  • Hoax theories about this and other shooting incidents.
  • The Jewish media using the Florida school shooting survivors to push gun control in scripted interviews.
  • Survivor David Hogg’s pitiful scripted performances on the Jew-run media.
  • Censorship of videos and material questioning Hogg’s scripted media appearances.
  • CNN’s staged town hall pushing gun bans and gun control.
  • The Jewish led boycott of the National Rifle Association.
  • The NRA implicitly exposing Jews as the main force behind gun control at CPAC.
  • Trump’s proposals to mitigate school shootings – concealed carry, mental health infrastructure etc..
  • The disappearance of DACA from mainstream political discussion.
  • Release of the Democrat counter-memo on FISA abuse revelations.
  • The special counsel indicting Russians for social media shitposting.
  • Jared Taylor suing Twitter for censorship.