The Infostormer Episode 9: ZOG Interference in Iran, Skeptic Faggotry and 2017 Review

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2018

Here’s episode 9 of the Infostormer podcast. Show was recorded on New Year’s Eve.

I spend a good part of the first half talking about the events in Iran, Israel and the Middle East. The final part of the show reviews some of the major events of 2017 including Charlottesville, the NFL national anthem protests, #MeToo, Trump’s first year and a brief look forward into 2018.

I’m hoping to do these recordings much more frequently throughout 2018.

Here’s a full summary of the topics covered.

  • ZOG attempting to do a color revolution in Iran.
  • Paul Nehlen going 1488.
  • The collapse of the deranged skeptic’s cult.
  • Review of 2017 and a look ahead in 2018.